A whitepaper to help you strategise your mobile publishing/apps content

Its a few weeks away from the ‘Really Useful’ event (open data/apps related) and my inbox is just bursting with some cool whitepapers and websites about open data, apps and mobile publishing/apps content stuff.  There was one that stood out by Sitecore and I thought it might be useful to share with all of you as we’re all getting excited to develop useful apps for local government at the‘Really Useful’ event coming up (1st July – register your interest now! See here for info).

Here’s some of the juicy stuff from the report that you might find useful.

Mobile apps offer content producers: –

  • Accessibility: Because at least 60% of mobile phone users carry their phone with them “at all time,” include inside the home, this channe enables “anytime, anywhere” content distribution and access.
  • Multi-slicing: Because smartphones give consumers the opportunity to multi-task during small slices of productive time, content producers are quickly devising new ways for them to do so.  Mobile content is being optomized for a large and growing number of tasks that are unique to the mobil medium, such as capturing a coupon by scanning a QR code on a poster or magazine ad, and then redeeming the coupon by using the smartphone as a payment device; using the mobile device as a remote control; professional networkig in real-time by using the smartphone to access associated online applications; and many more/
  • User-targeting: Mobile devices offer extremely precise targeting opportunities based on geo-location, device, social network and special interests.
  • Relevance: As their owners’ constant companion, mobile devices’ content is inherently highly personal and relevant.
  • Reasurement: Mobile analytics provide detailed user insight on exactly how and where mobile content is consumed.
  • Deliverability: Phone numbers change much less frequently than email addresses, ensuring that the vast majority of content is delivered and consumed.
  • “SoLoMo”: Mobile devices are the perfct locus for today’s three top consumer computing and communication trends: Social, Local and Mobile.
If you would like to read the whole report. you can download it here, or you could just register your interest to the ‘Really useful‘ event to me atliz.azyan@camden.gov.uk

Managing the Mobile Rush: Smart Strategies for Multi?channel Publishing

Hope this is useful!
Liz Azyan

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