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About LGEO Research

LGEO Research was founded by Liz Azyan.

Liz originally started her journey as a blogger on this blog, researching digital engagement methods for local government. Soon after the launch of this blog, Liz was invited to speak, write whitepapers, consultancy reports and strategies for government and industry. She became a prominent figure within digital government spaces and has since gathered experiences working and advising many local and central government on their digital strategies, as well as large and small businesses.

She is also a Google Fellowship Recipient (fellows selected based on their work and initiative in the arenas of technology, politics and social entrepreneurship), an invited expert panel on the Guardian’s Public Leader Network and has spoken at many public events and conferences on the subject of digital engagement.

Liz has established herself as expert in digital strategies and has worked in many digital areas such as open data, open source, personal data, CRM, public consultations, identity assurance, web usability & accessibility, to web design, digital marketing & comms and has a unique talent in creating and producing creative video productions. She specialises in delivering innovative approaches for the most complex digital projects. She has the ability to build up an organisation or a brands digital presence from scratch and does this all on her own. Most importantly, she is extremely flexible and creative in her approach and enjoys her passion for digital innovation immensely.

Liz has now has a dedicated team behind her to take on more innovative projects at scale. 

If you are interested in working with Liz and her team, kindly email her here.

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