After 85 posts & 5 months blogging: Here’s my top 10 posts

Since my Top 5 post back in January was a hit, I thought I’d do a Top 10 post to update everyone with those interesting posts you might have missed. Some of them quite surprised me but that’s what google analytics is telling me, who am I to argue with Google? ;p

Its been a great 5 months so far and I’m hoping it will only get better. So much has happened since I started blogging, mostly exciting stuff and I encourage everybody to start blogging especially those with tons of experience and knowledge! You don’t know what you’re missing!!! You also get to meet such cool people along the way.

Just one example is I’ve recently been invited by Ari Herzog to be apart of a great new online community for advocates of smarter government  at . Since then, I’ve been exposed to a lot of great bloggers on government that I wouldn’t have known otherwise! Ari himself writes for Mashable and Huffington Post. He’s also a featured blogger at Social Media Today. He’s a rock star to social media geeks like me – his twitter is @ariherzog. You must check if you want to keep up with interesting techy govvy type stuff from around the world.

I will however be slowing down a bit to concentrate on analyzing all the data I’ve received over the months and writing up my mammoth 100,000 words PhD thesis. :s So to celebrate the five month anniversary of this blog, here’s my Top 10 post of all time. Enjoy!

  1. Updated list of UK Local Councils Twitter Accounts – 11th April 2009
  2. List of Social Media & Online Participation Policy and Guidelines
  3. Status of UK Local Councils Facebook Fan Pages and Groups as of 16th January 2009
  4. A strategic approach to using Twitter for government and the new CIO of New York Senate
  5. Great Quotes for Winning the Social Media bid in your Local Government
  6. Good Practices: Coventry City Council Take Billion Pound City Centre Planning Consultation to Facebook
  7. Video: Liz meets Stephen Dale at Layden House, London
  8. I’m going to Washington DC for the Politics Online Conference & eDemocracyCamp 2!
  9. 24th March 09: List of UK Councillors on Twitter
  10. Local Government Online Bloggers Mashup

Thought I’d squeeze in two posts that are not on the top 10 list but definitely an ALL-TIME FAVOURITE: Mashups in government & Wikis and blogs as instruments for citizen participation

Ok, now back to thesis writing!

Hope this was useful 🙂

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  1. Ari Herzog

    LOL, and I consider myself a guy being true to myself and sincere to others. Thanks for the kudos!

    Ari Herzog’s last blog post..Marketing Green Fashion Sexily Online

    1. admin

      Awww, it was my pleasure Ari! 🙂

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