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Government-to-Citizen Communications: Utilising multiple digital channels effectively

This blog post marks the release of LGEO Research 1st White Paper titled "Government-to-Citizen Communications: Utilising multiple digital channels effectively" Read More »

Web 2.0 & social media for patients

This blog post is sponsored by Semantix Ltd. Web 2.0 & social media for patients The first on the scene was the empowered patient. Patients are participating in online communities to share and discuss daily life struggles to coping with rare diseases. No. E-Channel Overview Weblink 11.11.1.   1. – (like for health) My Health Innovationallows people to submit ideas, ... Read More »

Cool Health Related Web 2.0 & Social Media Stuff by and for Patients

The first on the scene was the empowered patient. Patients are participating in online communities to share and discuss daily life struggles to coping with rare diseases. Here I've compiled a list of inspirational web 2.0 and social media stuff by patients for patients Read More »

How formal e-learning can be improved within the National Health Service (NHS) trust

This blog post highlights the challenges faced by all these stakeholders and hopefully better inform e-learning practices for medical students within the NHS trust. Read More »

Social Media for Medical Practitioners

This blog post lists down some examples of how medical practitioners can use social media. Check out the weblinks to see it in practice. Hopefully these examples will inspire people in government to use social media in more creative and effective ways. Read More »

E-Learning: Web 2.0 & Social Media examples and quotes for Health Informatics

This blog post highlights some of the useful and valuable social media and web 2.0 examples in e-learning for health informatics from around the world. Hope these examples will help inform the health community of interesting and effective e-learning practices out there. Read More »

Say hello to Mister Splashy Pants!: 4 Min Social Media Talk

I love it when I can find inspiring speakers and stories to inspire and encourage social media adoption in all aspects of our lives. There are just some things that money can't buy which is unpredictable and as effective if not more than those big advertising campaigns could ever do. And the best thing is, sometimes, genuine campaigns could later on create profit for those who need it the most. And how was this all possible if not for social media? ;o) Enjoy! Read More »

NW Councils Twitter Client Data now available on Wiki!

This data was kindly collated by @inhumanbeing, Tony Roberts, a public health operative which also can be found here Its an interesting bit of information for those who are curious and want to improve things. Read More »

Charlie Leadbeater’s Keynote Summary on Cloud Culture: How Cloud Computing Will Change Culture and Politics

Just a few weeks ago, Charlie Leadbeater gave a great keynote speech at the Personal Democracy Forum Europe 09 in Barcelona. I had the pleasure of being in the audience as a Google Fellow at this conference. He talked about the cloud culture and its impact on leadership and politics. This post breaks down and summarizes all the important points he made in that speech. Read More »

My “Social Media: The Misunderstood Teenager” presentation slides

As mentioned before, I was due to present at the Preconference for the EU 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference last week. The title of the preconference was, eGovernment Research and Innovation: Empowering Citizens through Government Services across Sectors and Borders. I did a presentation that was well-received by the audience and thought I'd share it with my readers. Enjoy! Read More »