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Our cheeky social media celebrity, @DominicCampbell is no. 5 on The Independent’s list for most influential blogger on Twitter!

Hey there, I thought this was such a proud moment for the twitterati's when one of our own has made in to the top 10 (no 5 to exact) of The Independent list on the most influential bloggers on Twitter with 3,327 followers... and of course after this.. counting... :) Read More »

Now with pictures & other Twitterati lists!: @Liz_Azyan’s Twitterati Dedication List – People you should follow on Twitter

Over the past few months, I’ve become really great friends with my Twitterati’s . Who knew I’d find really great friends on Twitter, people who could be there for you when things don’t go quite right… - I’ve met most of the people on this list in real life. There are a few people that have always given me support throughout the months I’ve been on Twitter and feel that a I’d like to dedicate this post to them as a way of saying TQ so much for all your support on my research and blog! Please forgive me if I have forgotten someone (pls give me a pinch if I’ve forgotten!). Read More »

Watch the full version of the Us Now Film

Watch the inspirational 'Us Now Film' that will give you an indication of things to come in future governance. Enjoy! A must watch. Read More »

LearningPool Winners Videos at Public Sector Learning Conference 2009!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! I didn’t manage to grab all the winners due to the time constraint, but please enjoy the videos I have managed to capture with these well-deserved winners! Best Learning Pool Community Member 2009 Ian Leggitt (Bury Metropolitan Borough Council)  Overall Customer of the Year 2009  Christine Shakespeare (Basildon Dsitrict Council) Best Learning Pool Ambassador 2009 ... Read More »

Blend it!: LearningPool’s Public Sector Learning Conference Successful Blended Approach

So, I'm back from the #pslc and now ready to give my verdict. It was certainly an eventful day, with mini croissants and lovely purple people! LearningPool staff were all dressed in purple t-shirts which made it easier to ask for help when needed. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Janet Harkin (LearningPool's Marketing Manager) and Mary McKenna (MD of LearningPool), who were really lovely and helpful throughout the event. Thank you ladies! To find out more about my experience at the event, read on.... Read More »

Announcing Public Sector Learning Conference – Fresh ideas for tomorrow’s people

I've been invited to attend an event at Hilton, London Kensington tomorrow (20th May 2009) for the Public Sector Learning Conference - Fresh ideas for tomorrow's people by LearningPool. As highlighted by Dave Briggs in his post a few days ago here . Dave did make an interesting point when he said Mary McKenna (MD of Learning Pool) must be a good egg because she's on Twitter. I couldn't agree more! I myself have experienced such positive and vibrant responses on Twitter, that eventually gave my research a breath of fresh air! I once did a research on the impact of forums and other learning tools such as Moodle to facilitate learning in higher education and large organisations. Read More »

So… PSFBuzz was a success! What was it all about again?

*To get spreadsheet of #psfbuzz, click here. So, its been a few days now since I attended the PSFBuzz Web 2.0 event in Manchester.The presenters covered a lot of topics relating to social media and web 2.0 strategies for local authorities.And it seems that from the feedback gathered from the floor and feedback forms, the event was indeed a success.This ... Read More »

Great Video & eBook of the U.S. Air Force using New/Social Media

This video features the creative and unique ways the U.S. Air Force is using New/Social Media to communicate and collectively generating ideas, experiences and knowledge with each other, family and friends as well as the public. Its truly an inspiring example of how we could use new/social media when we start using these tools with our head and heart rather than using policies or rules and regulations as our starting point. For me, new/social media can only be successful when it creates and invigorates meaning in our lives or to the lives of people who use them. Read More »

Let’s MASH THE STATE! Get with the RSS program!

Today I picked up on a brilliant initiative by Adrian Short to get UK local council websites to get wired up with an important and most basic element of web 2.0, which is the RSS feeds. I applaud this movement because throughout my research, the one thing that I always find frustrating as a user and a researcher is the fact that your local government website does not have RSS feeds! Here is Mash the State Blog and Twitter - @mashthestate. Read More »

“Collectively Organizing and Mobilizing Action” (COMA) is the the Twitter Revolution for Moldova Protest and Amazon Fail

What the Moldova Protest and #AmazonFail might have in common. Today I made the wrong decision to stay away from Twitter to concentrate on some thesis writing. However thanks to @TimCooperUK, I've been alerted on a recent activity on twitter that has been creating quite a lot of buzz if you search the hashtag #amazonfail. So I've decided to update an article I wrote recently regarding "People Power on Twitter" for the Moldova protest. You can find the original post below. Apparently, Amazon is deleting the rankings (de-rank) of LBGT and erotica books. Though this has possibly just caught on fire today, this has been going on since February. The response the authors affected got from Amazon was this... Read More »