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Special Interview with Julie Germany at the Politics Online Conference 2009 in Washington DC

Today I’ve managed to interview Julie Barko Germany, who is organizer for the Politics Online Conference 2009 that I was due to attend in Washington DC. However due to the unfortunate turn of events, I am no longer able to attend the event but have done this interview to get some insight into all the action that has been going down at the conference. Julie serves as the director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet and director of marketing and communications for The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management.

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UK Politics Internships

I’ve recently been asked by a fellow undergraduate at my university of where to look for Politics Internships. I’d say first of all, this list might be a good start. If that fails, have a look at these websites.

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Delicious links for 2009-04-16

Check it out. Here’s some from the list.
– The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Looks At Washington’s Twitter Obsession – Government IT Blog – InformationWeek
– Twitter In Government Agencies: Best Practices | Social Government
– Government Bytes: The Official Blog of National Taxpayers Union
– Government’s A-Twitter | Brazen Careerist
– HOW TO: Find a Job on Twitter

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Great Video & eBook of the U.S. Air Force using New/Social Media

This video features the creative and unique ways the U.S. Air Force is using New/Social Media to communicate and collectively generating ideas, experiences and knowledge with each other, family and friends as well as the public. Its truly an inspiring example of how we could use new/social media when we start using these tools with our head and heart rather than using policies or rules and regulations as our starting point. For me, new/social media can only be successful when it creates and invigorates meaning in our lives or to the lives of people who use them.

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Delicious links for 2009-04-15

Mouth-Watering, Tasty and ‘Delicious’ Bookmarks for today. ;p Click to see more.

– eGovernment – FriendFeed
– Personal Democracy Forum: Conference 2009 Video
– A Big List of Sites That Teach You How To Do Stuff – ReadWriteWeb
– Twitter Leads to Immorality? C’mon! – ReadWriteWeb
– Facebook Shares Tips and Case Studies for Brand Marketers

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After 85 posts & 5 months blogging: Here’s my top 10 posts

Since my Top 5 post back in January was a hit, I’d thought I’d do a Top 10 post to update everyone with those interesting posts you might have missed. Some of them quite surprised me but that’s what google analytics is telling me, who am I to argue with Google? ;p

Its been a great 5 months so far and I’m hoping it will only get better. So much has happened since I started blogging, mostly exciting stuff and I encourage anybody who’s got tons of experience and knowledge to start blogging! You don’t know what you’re missing!!!

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Let’s MASH THE STATE! Get with the RSS program!

Today I picked up on a brilliant initiative by Adrian Short to get UK local council websites to get wired up with an important and most basic element of web 2.0, which is the RSS feeds. I applaud this movement because throughout my research, the one thing that I always find frustrating as a user and a researcher is the fact that your local government website does not have RSS feeds! Here is Mash the State Blog and Twitter – @mashthestate.

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“Collectively Organizing and Mobilizing Action” (COMA) is the the Twitter Revolution for Moldova Protest and Amazon Fail

What the Moldova Protest and #AmazonFail might have in common.

Today I made the wrong decision to stay away from Twitter to concentrate on some thesis writing. However thanks to @TimCooperUK, I’ve been alerted on a recent activity on twitter that has been creating quite a lot of buzz if you search the hashtag #amazonfail. So I’ve decided to update an article I wrote recently regarding “People Power on Twitter” for the Moldova protest. You can find the original post below.

Apparently, Amazon is deleting the rankings (de-rank) of LBGT and erotica books. Though this has possibly just caught on fire today, this has been going on since February. The response the authors affected got from Amazon was this…

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Today I’m going to blog a bit about an interesting event taking place in June. Some of you might have already heard of it. Its the ScotWeb2 event which you can start registering for here. You can find out more about this event from @alexstobart and follow the ScotWeb2 blog here.

To give a clearer description of what to expect, I managed to interview the organizer of the event, Alex Stobart who is the Co-Founder and Director of Enterprise in Scotland. If you’re intrigued to find out what its all about, you can listen in on the interview here.

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Twitterplan: The Newest Mashup in UK Local Government

I managed to catch up with Stuart Harrision/Pezholio this morning from Lichfield District Council to ask him about his new exciting development/mashup called Twitterplan. You can listen to the telephone interview here.

Just in case you wondering who else is working on some exciting mashups, have a look at Warwickshire Councils R&D website. They’re working on some interesting projects with me in the near future. You could find their Web Services and API Dump here. Look out for a post featuring their projects here on LGEOResearch soon.

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