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Liz’s Interview Schedule with Local Councils next week

I’m aiming to speak to as many local councils web managers/comms teams/social media team, to talk about local councils online activities for my research. I would deeply appreciate your participation and will share the results of this research with you. This research will hopefully help to identify the future direction of UKs local government online.

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Updated and Reformatted Table of UK Local Council Twitters on 10th February 09

There is a new updated and reformatted list of UK local council twitters. A data has been refitted into a table for a better view of details. This list now can be found here.

I’m interested to know how this list is helping your council. Is it helping the social media bid for your local council? Or does it help you to consider how you wish to use Twitter for your organization? Please tell me what your thoughts are and hopefully I can improve the output of this research.

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