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My “Social Media: The Misunderstood Teenager” presentation slides

As mentioned before, I was due to present at the Preconference for the EU 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference last week. The title of the preconference was, eGovernment Research and Innovation: Empowering Citizens through Government Services across Sectors and Borders. I did a presentation that was well-received by the audience and thought I’d share it with my readers. Enjoy!

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CivicoLive gigging at PdF Europe 2009! Great effort for interactive democracy

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of meeting the CivicoLive team while they were setting up their gear for PdF Europe 2009. @HadleyPaul (who ever so kindly lent me an adapter! TQ! ) introduced me to Daniel Cremin who is the main man behind the whole CivicoLive and I was greatly impressed with what they had to offer. Its funny how me and @johnpopham were talking about the same idea! Its just shows… if you have a good idea, you’ve got to act quick before someone else beats you to it! LOL

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LGEO Research is a Google Fellow in Barcelona! :o)

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of original content recently. Been trying hard to strike a balance between studies, attending conferences, keeping up with external demands and also constantly in a battle to gain some sense of personal growth! LOL Anyways, thought I’d drop a post to inform what I’ll be up to this week. I’ll be mostly in Europe, firstly Sweden then followed by Barcelona.

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Better Connected 2010 looking into Local Councils Social Media Activities

I managed to catch up with Helen Williams who is a Socitm Insight Associate as well as a Better Connected Report Reviewer and ask her thoughts on social media in local government.

It was certainly interesting to learn that the Better Connected report will also be reporting on local government social media usage in next year’s report! This is really exciting news for local government from my point of view because as its important to see how we can better local government services online, isn’t it just as important to have a proper and ongoing evaluations on emerging trends and technologies that have an impact on our communities?

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LGCLincoln: What about a university for Public Sector Web Professionals?

Its quite interesting to see throughout my research that there are still some traditional web ‘thinking’ going on within the public sector that deters them from fully exploiting the new web’s potential and opportunities. But this is not due to the lack in sufficient technology or gadgets.

It all comes down to insufficiency in skills and knowledge on how the new web is demanding more softer social skills and specific technical skills to enhance public services and public sector’s relationship with citizens on the new web.

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Let’s talk about Government Consultations with Joss Winn

Being a student and possibly sometimes out of the loop on innovative things like this, it was refreshing to listen to Joss Winn talk about…

A site for commenting on public reports in considerable detail. Texts are broken down into their respective sections for easier consumption. Rather than comment on the text as a whole, you are encouraged to direct comments to specific paragraphs. The full texts for comment are listed on the right under ‘Texts’.

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LocalGovCamp Lincoln Recap: My interview with Andrew Beeken

So as you guys already know, I was at the LocalGovCamp in Lincoln last Friday and was fortunate enough to talk to Andrew Beeken (in video above), who was “the man of the hour” and ask him about what he thought about the whole unconference. I mean, I personally thought it was great and definitely different from the previous LocalGovCamp in Birmingham just because it was a smaller crowd and we had more time to chat to everyone who was there. Having the capability to network rather effectively and have a more open table discussion, certainly made this LocalGovCamp a more cosy and intimate affair.

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What’s in store for Better Connected next year?

With budget cuts looming, there is a greater need to be more innovative in delivering public services online and self-services can be used to deliver more for less. So local council website s are looking like a more attractive channel to move away from the costly business of servicing customer enquiries via the phone or face-to-face to self-service through the local council website.

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What’s the problem with ePetitions?

The first session was run by Fraser Henderson (Founder and Director of Particitech) who discussed the issues surrounding e-Petitions. Now I wasn’t in this session myself, as I was in the “social networking sites” session (where else would I be …? hehe ;o) ), but I’m gonna have a go at reporting it based on the twitterstream and my own knowledge on this subject! Haha let’s see how well I do ay?

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The Social Media is… Video is here!

Thank you for all your pics! I compiled all the pics that were clear. Sorry if yours didn’t make it, it was only because it was hard to see what was written. I’ve included all the comments as I feel we need to be real about the challenges of social media and we need to face them instead of shy away from them. If you want to use the pics for your own project, please feel free to do so. You can find the link to the pics here.

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