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So how do you “Build Perfect Council Websites”?

So this was my first ‘gig’ at a conference. Have to say I was really shaking in my heels but glad to say I manage to pull through it with the support of a wonderful group of people who were very supportive and interactive throughout my session. 🙂 Thank you to all who were there in my session. I really enjoyed talking to you all.

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PDF09: Liz meets Mark Belinsky and talks about how to make “Digital Democracy” happen!

Digital Democracy has been working for two years with the Burmese community in Thailand,Bangladesh, India, and China as well as with resettled Burmese populations in Indiana, Washington, DC and New York. D2 staff have published and presented research on Burma with an emphasis on technology use by displaced Burmese groups. In addition to Burma?s borders, we have conducted research in Cuba, Armenia, Mali, Zimbabwe,South Africa, and Israel.

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Liz talks to Steven Clift from at the Personal Democracy Forum Conference 09

This interview covers the following issues and questions:

Steven talks about his most recent project – Neighbourhood to neighbour engagement.
Steven talks about how local authorities get involved within this online neighbourhood.
Citizen to citizen engagement and value.
Does the local authority make themselves known as an authority to the public within the online community?
Mix of email and online forum.
What are the main tools that you use?
People need to choose their own technology.
What does it mean to you to have an open government?

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Liz meets “The Man Behind Apps for Democracy, Peter Corbett” – CEO of iStrategy Labs on the streets of NYC

I met Peter while I was in NYC attending the Participation Camp (PCamp) and Personal Democracy Forum 09. Its funny how it might seem that I just bumped into him on the street but actually we were on our way back from PCamp and walking towards the subway when I asked Peter if I could do a quick video interview with him. And he was kind enough to agree to do so eventhough the rain was starting to pour ! (Thank you Peter!). We talked about alot of different things.

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AbilityNet at PCW09: Building Perfect Accessible Local Authority Websites

So, a few weeks ago I was in Olympia attending the Building Perfect Council Websites ’09 (#pcw09) to conduct a workshop on social media (which was alot of fun by the way ! ). While I was there, I managed to interview Robin Christopherson (Head of Accessibility) and Diana Robinson (Sales and Marketing Manager) from AbilityNet . I’m hoping to gain more knowledge on accessible websites as I go along. So hopefully LGEO Research will feature more news on AbilityNet in the future to keep local authority website developers up-to-date on how to make their websites more accessible.

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Learning Pool at ScotWeb2 2009 on Collaborative Learning and Saving Money

What are the tangible benefits of online learning? … Show me the money ! !

According to Paul, local authorities and organizations have been throwing money away for years on face-to-face training and they don’t care because when it comes down to evaluation they only care about 3 things…

Was lunch any good?
Could I get parking?
Was there a good crack around the break?

But when it comes to online training, we start to evaluate the tangible benefits i.e.

Did we save any money?
Were there tangible benefits to the organization and how long did it last for?

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PatientOpinion at ScotWeb2 2009: Mental Health Care Services Online

If there was one area I’m very aware and concerned about in health care, it would definitely be mental health care. I have had various of experiences dealing with mental health issues among students while I was a sub warden and I also have very good friends who suffer from with bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. I have also experienced living with people with bulimia, anorexia (who also always used to cut herself to relieve the pain) and was on alot of anti-depressents at the tender age of 20. Its certainly made me more aware of hard it is to live with a mental illness and what a daunting task everyday life could be for them.

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Now with pictures & other Twitterati lists!: @Liz_Azyan’s Twitterati Dedication List – People you should follow on Twitter

Over the past few months, I’ve become really great friends with my Twitterati’s . Who knew I’d find really great friends on Twitter, people who could be there for you when things don’t go quite right… – I’ve met most of the people on this list in real life. There are a few people that have always given me support throughout the months I’ve been on Twitter and feel that a I’d like to dedicate this post to them as a way of saying TQ so much for all your support on my research and blog! Please forgive me if I have forgotten someone (pls give me a pinch if I’ve forgotten!).

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Popping the question on Twitter….and raising awareness on cancer at the same time! #blamedrewscancer

We knew it was coming right? Someone was bound to propose on Twitter! Gosh I wish someone would propose to me on Twitter … LOL 🙂

Anyways, check out this awesome video about this guy called Drew Olanoff (@drew) talking about the moment he proposed to his girlfriend on twitter. What really grabbed my attention well was, yes of course the proposal itself, but what was even more interesting was the hashtag stream he used to actually propose to her. You’ll understand after you watch the whole thing, trust me, you’ll see me point after you’ve watched it all the way through! 😉 Enjoy!

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Why YOU should start blogging!

I know alot of the people that read this blog already have a blog, but for those who don’t have a blog.. I’d like to tell you why you should start blogging.

First of all, take a look at some of these questions…

* Do you feel like you’re in a rut?
* Do you feel that you have alot of thoughts and ideas and are unable to fully express them at work?
* Are you out of a job or looking for the job you truly want?
* Are you trying to consolidate your thoughts and going round and round in your head looking for answers?

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In NYC with an eye into FutureGov: Reporting back on Personal Democracy Forum Conference 09

So how does it feel to be apart of the “biggest, most diverse, politics and technology conference in the world?” (@misif) Well, let’s find out…. A big thanks for @FutureGov for giving me this brilliant opportunity! 🙂

Let me just start of by saying, this is possibility the most important and impressive conference I have ever attended. This doesn’t just extend to the fact I had my long time dream come true, which is coming to New York City but also down to everything and anything that had to do with the conference.

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