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Blend it!: LearningPool’s Public Sector Learning Conference Successful Blended Approach

So, I’m back from the #pslc and now ready to give my verdict. It was certainly an eventful day, with mini croissants and lovely purple people! LearningPool staff were all dressed in purple t-shirts which made it easier to ask for help when needed. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Janet Harkin (LearningPool’s Marketing Manager) and Mary McKenna (MD of LearningPool), who were really lovely and helpful throughout the event. Thank you ladies!

To find out more about my experience at the event, read on….

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Announcing Public Sector Learning Conference – Fresh ideas for tomorrow’s people

I’ve been invited to attend an event at Hilton, London Kensington tomorrow (20th May 2009) for the Public Sector Learning Conference – Fresh ideas for tomorrow’s people by LearningPool. As highlighted by Dave Briggs in his post a few days ago here . Dave did make an interesting point when he said Mary McKenna (MD of Learning Pool) must be a good egg because she’s on Twitter. I couldn’t agree more! I myself have experienced such positive and vibrant responses on Twitter, that eventually gave my research a breath of fresh air! I once did a research on the impact of forums and other learning tools such as Moodle to facilitate learning in higher education and large organisations.

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Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

I’ve had a Youtube Channel for quite some time now but haven’t properly introduced it to everyone. I used to do the odd video here and there because I enjoy doing it. But recently I’ve been receiving invitations to some exciting events and its great to capture the thoughts of the attendees while I’m there. I’ll be attending and covering at least another 5 events in the near future. So if you’d like to see what I’m up while at these events, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on youtube at this link

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Newest Researcher on the block… Sarah Lay

Researchers are sometimes quite hard to come by. They’re usually locked up in the library or room somewhere reading endless amounts of books and articles and once in a while pops out to do some field research. However when one does come by and shares their knowledge, so much can be learned and shared with its communities of practice.

With that said, its such a pleasure for me to introduce the newest member of the research community in local government specialising in social media. Some of you might already know her, she works at Derbyshire County Council and her name is Sarah Lay. Her twitter handle is @sarahlay and her website can be found here Thought Store .

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Us Now Film online launch today by FutureGov Consultancy

Today I have been invited to attend an exciting event hosted by FutureGov Consultancy (my sponsors to NYC for the Personal Democracy Forum this June). This event marks the launch of ‘Us Now Film’ online that discusses the theory and practice of transforming governments through participation.

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