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Blogging Tips: My Methods for Blogging (In Plain English)

I often get asked what is it that motivates me to write and how do I get inspired. Well to tell you the truth, I don’t have a specific method when I’m writing a blog… well at least not one that I would say I stick to. There are different types of blog posts and there are different reasons for every post. So the method varies and might change from one to another. But here might be a few methods that I do use. Feel free to pick and mix!

Why YOU should start blogging!

I know alot of the people that read this blog already have a blog, but for those who don’t have a blog.. I’d like to tell you why you should start blogging.

First of all, take a look at some of these questions…

* Do you feel like you’re in a rut?
* Do you feel that you have alot of thoughts and ideas and are unable to fully express them at work?
* Are you out of a job or looking for the job you truly want?
* Are you trying to consolidate your thoughts and going round and round in your head looking for answers?

After 85 posts & 5 months blogging: Here’s my top 10 posts

Since my Top 5 post back in January was a hit, I’d thought I’d do a Top 10 post to update everyone with those interesting posts you might have missed. Some of them quite surprised me but that’s what google analytics is telling me, who am I to argue with Google? ;p

Its been a great 5 months so far and I’m hoping it will only get better. So much has happened since I started blogging, mostly exciting stuff and I encourage anybody who’s got tons of experience and knowledge to start blogging! You don’t know what you’re missing!!!

Local Government Online Bloggers Mashup

I recently talked to Matt Johnson from SandwellMBC and he mentioned a really great idea to put all relevant feeds from notable local government blogs on a webpage. This is so other people can keep up with recent activities of fellow colleagues across government. So I’ve selected my top picks for local government online blogs and did a mashup of those blogs. I’m hoping Matt will find this useful and maybe others as well.