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CELEB Event Coverage on board the HMS President, London

As all of you might already know, I was a CELEB for a day last week on board the HMS President. If you’re still a bit clueless, you can check out the details here in my earlier post last week.

In true CELEB style, me and the @LearningPool team were dressed up to impress! Me and Wendy even went the extra mile and curled our hairs to perfection 😉 So as you can see, we were certainly looking forward to an eventful day.

Learning Pool CELEB Event: Liz meets Leon Yohai and talks about change management in local government

Leon Yohai has worked in local government for over 24 years in areas including regeneration, homelessness, tenancy services and policy. He is currently at the very heart of an ambitious modernisation and regeneration programme worth £800 million. It has 10 key strands which, taken as a whole, will modernise and regenerate both service delivery and the infrastructure of the borough.