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How hard is your Facebook Page working for you?

Post by Liz Azyan’s Guide to Engagement Online & Research. Read More »

Secret social media weapon to engage with your community

Recently, I wrote a blog post about how you engage with your community using social media on the Claremont blog, where I am an associate. Its based on a recent project I’ve been working on regarding collaborating with your stakeholders. Read more. Read More »

How to find your Facebook Page ID

UPDATE 29th August 2012. The methods below might not work anymore due to timeline. There is another easy way of finding your page id now. Go to (replace xxxx with you Facebook page name used in your facebook URL). For me it is You will see a page that looks like below. Search for “id:” in the text and ... Read More »

Ideas for Facebook and Twitter

WARNING: This is strictly from a business strategy point of view and observation. Facebook article/blog post search and page There is one thing specifically on how I think Facebook can leverage on news, content/information or interesting articles online. And maybe also try to become the world’s most used search engine after Google and current second place, YouTube search engine. Facebook ... Read More »

EpicStar SuperPost

Attempting to outlaw Facebook, Twitter and their lesser-known cousins may cruel your pitch with Gen Y staff EpicStar SuperPost is back! Now we bring another great blog post from “Bang the Table” in Australia.  Although that might seem quite far, trust me, local governments in Australia face the same difficulties, challenges and barriers that we do here in the UK, ... Read More »

Find out how the U.S Army uses social media

Thanks to HT to @hadleybeeman for sharing this on Twitter. 🙂 This document provides extensive social media guidance. It contains information for Army leaders, guidance for Army Families, operations security tips, branding information, checklists, regulations and frequently asked questions. The 2011 Social Media Handbook is your one-stop-shop for Army social media information. To download, click here. Army Social Media Handbook ... Read More »

Come and “speed-date” with me!

Another day, another event. This time I will be joining Local DirectGov for their Community Day at the City of London, Guildhall, London starting at 10:00 until 15:00 on 15 October 2010. The event will be taking the “speed-dating” approach and I will be running the social media round table with Anna Fenston.  On top of social media, there will also ... Read More »

How brick and mortar businesses will catch up with social media and survive

I know this is a bit off topic from government related topics, but I feel I really wanted to share my future prediction for brick and mortar business when it comes to social media. You might have a family member or friend who operates a small business offline and you might find this useful for them. Its hard to study ... Read More »

Government-to-Citizen Communications Presentation

Hello, Sorry for the short notice, but I’ll be presenting in Brum today on the topic of Government-to-Citizens Communications. If you would like to catch my presentation, you can do in real-time here. Please join me. The more the merrier. This event is hosted by GovDelivery. If you are in Brum and want to come along, you can register here. ... Read More »

Status of UK Local Councils Facebook Fan Pages and Groups as of 22nd July 2009

UK local councils tend to use fan pages rather than groups to deliver their services through Facebook. The differences between fan pages and groups are listed in the table below. This informational table was created by Authority Domains and the link can be found here. Read More »