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Digital Communications and Channel Shift in Government

The landscape of government communications is changing. This puts pressure on governments to communicate more effectively online. Read More »

Impact of Open Source License in Government

Open source is defined particularly by its license and that license and those terms of use has very interesting effects. It enables software reuse and this resonates with what the government is trying to do with its ICT strategy, as I previously discussed in my post yesterday “How government can spend less money on IT investments“. The Impact of Open ... Read More »

How government can spend less money on IT investments

I know people mostly know me for either talking and writing about social media or web usability. But over the past few years, I’ve been involved in so many different government related projects that I’ve managed to pick up a more bigger picture of government ICT. More recently I’ve learnt a lot about open source in government, so I think ... Read More »

Public Sector Social Media Guidelines & Safeguarding Citizens Information

A look into how social media guidelines can become unclear to civil servants and how some personal data can be at risk when using social media. Read More »

Why user testing is important for local council websites

The dumbest mistake is viewing design as something you do at the end of the process to ‘tidy up’ the mess, as opposed to understanding it’s a ‘day one’ issue and part of everything. – Tom Peters (issue Journal of Business and Design, Vol 6, No. 1) Customer insight and user testing When we were going through our website redesign, ... Read More »

The Really Useful Event – Data Discovery Workshop #RU11

Online Ticketing for The Really Useful Event (UK local government open data event) powered by Eventbrite Read More »

Reshaping public services online by getting the basics right for local government websites

Frustration There is nothing more frustrating than being in government right now if you are looking for change or motivation in your work. With almost no funding available, fewer colleagues to carry the burden, feeling of loss and uncertainty, we are facing an all time low. Everyone knows that with fewer resources, it makes it harder for local authorities to ... Read More »

Delivering an inclusive government: An invitation to experience UKGovCamp11 outside Twitterverse

It always makes me wonder, after my 3rd UKGovCamp, how are people reaching all the wonderful information we shared on the momentous day? Are we only engineering innovative ideas amongst ourselves or is UKGovCamp reaching our excluded colleagues who would think attending a government unconference on a Saturday is a crazy idea? Based on the recent UKGovCamp11, it would be ... Read More »

What are widgets? How can local government use widgets?

What are widgets? For some of us in local government, mentioning the word widget is not alien to us and has become somewhat part of our online activities.  However for those who have never come across a widget or heard of it, widget might seem like a funny word little kids might say amongst their young friends. So to make ... Read More »

Directgov 2010 and Beyond: Martha Lane Fox wants to hear from local authorities NOW!

The playground’s shut! For the past year, I have been rather quiet due to the many thoughts that have entered my mind regarding the future of local government public services online. Mostly those thoughts encompasses on the people on local government who inspiringly want to improve digital services and the lack of means to do so. So its like going ... Read More »