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Camden Council Digital Strategy: Delivering Online, Text and a Mobile App Solution for Booking ePermits/Visitors Parking Sessions

Councils have been working towards ‘Digital by Default‘ for a few years now. The Government Digital Strategy committed the government to ensuring all new or redesigned digital services meet this standard from April 2014. It’s all about understanding user needs, their user stories and determining how best to deliver user needs digitally. Sometimes it’s easy to talk about the big picture, but what ... Read More »

UKGovCamp11: Video production on the cheap for local government

Andrew Beeken – Lincoln City Council Andrew Beeken presented a very useful session at UKGovCamp11 this year discussing how we can produce corporate videos on the cheap. A lot of good tips were shared and thoughts were exchanged during Andrew’s session as well as the Q&A. If you are interested in producing a cost effective video using very cheap or ... Read More »

Find out how the U.S Army uses social media

Thanks to HT to @hadleybeeman for sharing this on Twitter. 🙂 This document provides extensive social media guidance. It contains information for Army leaders, guidance for Army Families, operations security tips, branding information, checklists, regulations and frequently asked questions. The 2011 Social Media Handbook is your one-stop-shop for Army social media information. To download, click here. Army Social Media Handbook ... Read More »

How Camden Council (UK) will be engaging with the local community through hyperlocal websites

This blog post talks about Camden Council's Digital Strategy to include hyperlocal websites with featured interview clips with Will Perrin from Talk About Local. Read More »

Investigating the perceptions & challenges of using social media for informal e-learning and collaboration within the NHS trust

This blog post looks into those perceptions, both good and bad of why people want to resist or embrace social media within the medical e-learning environment within the NHS. Read More »

How formal e-learning can be improved within the National Health Service (NHS) trust

This blog post highlights the challenges faced by all these stakeholders and hopefully better inform e-learning practices for medical students within the NHS trust. Read More »

Charlie Leadbeater’s Keynote Summary on Cloud Culture: How Cloud Computing Will Change Culture and Politics

Just a few weeks ago, Charlie Leadbeater gave a great keynote speech at the Personal Democracy Forum Europe 09 in Barcelona. I had the pleasure of being in the audience as a Google Fellow at this conference. He talked about the cloud culture and its impact on leadership and politics. This post breaks down and summarizes all the important points he made in that speech. Read More »

Local Gov Camp Lincoln Social Reporting Bumper Issue!

So its been a been a while since LocalGovCamp Lincoln but its never too late to share all those juicy details for all your reading and viewing Read More »

Better Connected 2010 looking into Local Councils Social Media Activities

I managed to catch up with Helen Williams who is a Socitm Insight Associate as well as a Better Connected Report Reviewer and ask her thoughts on social media in local government. It was certainly interesting to learn that the Better Connected report will also be reporting on local government social media usage in next year's report! This is really exciting news for local government from my point of view because as its important to see how we can better local government services online, isn't it just as important to have a proper and ongoing evaluations on emerging trends and technologies that have an impact on our communities? Read More »

LocalGovCamp Lincoln Recap: My interview with Andrew Beeken

So as you guys already know, I was at the LocalGovCamp in Lincoln last Friday and was fortunate enough to talk to Andrew Beeken (in video above), who was "the man of the hour" and ask him about what he thought about the whole unconference. I mean, I personally thought it was great and definitely different from the previous LocalGovCamp in Birmingham just because it was a smaller crowd and we had more time to chat to everyone who was there. Having the capability to network rather effectively and have a more open table discussion, certainly made this LocalGovCamp a more cosy and intimate affair. Read More »