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How brick and mortar businesses will catch up with social media and survive

I know this is a bit off topic from government related topics, but I feel I really wanted to share my future prediction for brick and mortar business when it comes to social media. You might have a family member or friend who operates a small business offline and you might find this useful for them. Its hard to study ... Read More »

Looking at some challenges of User-Generated Content (UGC) for organizations

Defining the relationship you want to create Its important to understand that in the context of user-generated content (UGC), the relationship you currently have your community and what type of relationship you wish to create, are two different things. Therefore you will need a strategy and goals to support community management using UGC. The barriers/challenges 1. Organizations feel the need ... Read More »

Gift Government: My RADICAL IDEA for BigSociety!

Predictably Irrational Behaviours. Read More »

Government-to-Citizen Communications Presentation

Hello, Sorry for the short notice, but I’ll be presenting in Brum today on the topic of Government-to-Citizens Communications. If you would like to catch my presentation, you can do in real-time here. Please join me. The more the merrier. This event is hosted by GovDelivery. If you are in Brum and want to come along, you can register here. ... Read More »

EpicStar SuperPost: Faith in the Cloud – the missing link

So here we are, LGEO Research’s first guest blog post! Hooray! Its such a pleasure for me to host this post by Andrew Beeken, a good friend of mine on Twitter who’s doing fabulous web whizzy stuff at Lincoln City Council. This post talks interestingly enough about a topic I’ll be debating at my upcoming event in Brum next week ... Read More »

London Borough of Camden unveils its customer focused new website design

For the past few months, I’ve been working part of Camden’s webteam in redesigning the new website. The first stage of this project, which is the design (look and feel) of the website is due to launch end of July/early August. If you’re interested to know the other stages of this project, visit my earlier blog post about it here. ... Read More »

Government-to-Citizen Communications: Utilising multiple digital channels effectively

This blog post marks the release of LGEO Research 1st White Paper titled "Government-to-Citizen Communications: Utilising multiple digital channels effectively" Read More »

LGEO Research releases 1st White Paper tomorrow

So, tomorrow I'm releasing my 1st White Paper on how local government can communicate better with citizens using multiple channels on limited cost. Read More »

Tom Steinberg talks about how has created Transparency in Government

Tom Steinberg runs MySociety which is a small open-source virtual non-profit. A well known example of MySociety in the UK is FixMyStreet. He also talks about MySociety newest website "WhatDoTheyKnow?" at the Personal Democracy Forum Europe 2009. Read More »

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I've had a Youtube Channel for quite some time now but haven't properly introduced it to everyone. I used to do the odd video here and there because I enjoy doing it. But recently I've been receiving invitations to some exciting events and its great to capture the thoughts of the attendees while I'm there. I'll be attending and covering at least another 5 events in the near future. So if you'd like to see what I'm up while at these events, don't forget to subscribe to my channel on youtube at this link Read More »