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LGCLincoln: What about a university for Public Sector Web Professionals?

Its quite interesting to see throughout my research that there are still some traditional web ‘thinking’ going on within the public sector that deters them from fully exploiting the new web’s potential and opportunities. But this is not due to the lack in sufficient technology or gadgets.

It all comes down to insufficiency in skills and knowledge on how the new web is demanding more softer social skills and specific technical skills to enhance public services and public sector’s relationship with citizens on the new web.

Why do ‘You’ and ‘I’ Love Twitter?

Are you a twitter addict? Have you wondered why you get so wrapped up in twittering? Day and night then night and day? LOL Its like you couldn’t see your life without it. I mean, do you remember when twitter when down not too long ago, although I don’t twitter everyday, I did panic for a bit hoping it doesn’t last for long as I felt I really needed to tweet! LOL And the funniest thing about it for me is.. I think I could not function my professional life without it. Even my research depends alot on the communication I ‘give and receive’ on twitter. Here is a couple of thoughts on why ‘YOU’ and ‘I’ might love twitter..

LGEO Research joins the Knowledge Hub Advisory Group (IDeA)

Its been a long journey for LGEO Research and myself over the past 9 months. If I was pregnant, I’d have a baby right now! Well, let’s consider LGEO Research to be my baby and my baby has gone through a wonderful 9 months growing and learning from the inside and finally now my baby is being released to the world to deliver all the knowledge that has been consumed.

What’s even greater is, LGEO Research will continue to grow and learn just as it has before, but hopefully the process will be faster and able to reach even more people than before. These next few months ahead, LGEO Research has plans already put in place to be ‘Here, There and Everywhere! So be sure to keep a close eye on the blog. It will a busy few months of accelerated growth.

So how do you “Build Perfect Council Websites”?

So this was my first ‘gig’ at a conference. Have to say I was really shaking in my heels but glad to say I manage to pull through it with the support of a wonderful group of people who were very supportive and interactive throughout my session. 🙂 Thank you to all who were there in my session. I really enjoyed talking to you all.

ScotWeb2 09: Getting up close and personal with Stuart Harrison on Twitter and Jadu & James Coltham on usability and accessibility issues

ScotWeb2 was certainly a different experience from any other unconference I’ve been to. Usually an unconference would consist of a big group but this event was quite an intimate one, which I believe worked towards their advantage.

This was the snipet about the event just in case you’d like to know what it was all about!

PDF09: Liz meets Mark Belinsky and talks about how to make “Digital Democracy” happen!

Digital Democracy has been working for two years with the Burmese community in Thailand,Bangladesh, India, and China as well as with resettled Burmese populations in Indiana, Washington, DC and New York. D2 staff have published and presented research on Burma with an emphasis on technology use by displaced Burmese groups. In addition to Burma?s borders, we have conducted research in Cuba, Armenia, Mali, Zimbabwe,South Africa, and Israel.