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PDF09: Liz meets Mark Belinsky and talks about how to make “Digital Democracy” happen!

Digital Democracy has been working for two years with the Burmese community in Thailand,Bangladesh, India, and China as well as with resettled Burmese populations in Indiana, Washington, DC and New York. D2 staff have published and presented research on Burma with an emphasis on technology use by displaced Burmese groups. In addition to Burma?s borders, we have conducted research in Cuba, Armenia, Mali, Zimbabwe,South Africa, and Israel. Read More »

Liz talks to Steven Clift from at the Personal Democracy Forum Conference 09

This interview covers the following issues and questions: Steven talks about his most recent project - Neighbourhood to neighbour engagement. Steven talks about how local authorities get involved within this online neighbourhood. Citizen to citizen engagement and value. Does the local authority make themselves known as an authority to the public within the online community? Mix of email and online forum. What are the main tools that you use? People need to choose their own technology. What does it mean to you to have an open government? Read More »

AbilityNet at PCW09: Building Perfect Accessible Local Authority Websites

So, a few weeks ago I was in Olympia attending the Building Perfect Council Websites '09 (#pcw09) to conduct a workshop on social media (which was alot of fun by the way ! ). While I was there, I managed to interview Robin Christopherson (Head of Accessibility) and Diana Robinson (Sales and Marketing Manager) from AbilityNet . I'm hoping to gain more knowledge on accessible websites as I go along. So hopefully LGEO Research will feature more news on AbilityNet in the future to keep local authority website developers up-to-date on how to make their websites more accessible. Read More »

PatientOpinion at ScotWeb2 2009: Mental Health Care Services Online

If there was one area I'm very aware and concerned about in health care, it would definitely be mental health care. I have had various of experiences dealing with mental health issues among students while I was a sub warden and I also have very good friends who suffer from with bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. I have also experienced living with people with bulimia, anorexia (who also always used to cut herself to relieve the pain) and was on alot of anti-depressents at the tender age of 20. Its certainly made me more aware of hard it is to live with a mental illness and what a daunting task everyday life could be for them. Read More »

So… PSFBuzz was a success! What was it all about again?

*To get spreadsheet of #psfbuzz, click here. So, its been a few days now since I attended the PSFBuzz Web 2.0 event in Manchester.The presenters covered a lot of topics relating to social media and web 2.0 strategies for local authorities.And it seems that from the feedback gathered from the floor and feedback forms, the event was indeed a success.This ... Read More »

Great Video & eBook of the U.S. Air Force using New/Social Media

This video features the creative and unique ways the U.S. Air Force is using New/Social Media to communicate and collectively generating ideas, experiences and knowledge with each other, family and friends as well as the public. Its truly an inspiring example of how we could use new/social media when we start using these tools with our head and heart rather than using policies or rules and regulations as our starting point. For me, new/social media can only be successful when it creates and invigorates meaning in our lives or to the lives of people who use them. Read More »

“Collectively Organizing and Mobilizing Action” (COMA) is the the Twitter Revolution for Moldova Protest and Amazon Fail

What the Moldova Protest and #AmazonFail might have in common. Today I made the wrong decision to stay away from Twitter to concentrate on some thesis writing. However thanks to @TimCooperUK, I've been alerted on a recent activity on twitter that has been creating quite a lot of buzz if you search the hashtag #amazonfail. So I've decided to update an article I wrote recently regarding "People Power on Twitter" for the Moldova protest. You can find the original post below. Apparently, Amazon is deleting the rankings (de-rank) of LBGT and erotica books. Though this has possibly just caught on fire today, this has been going on since February. The response the authors affected got from Amazon was this... Read More »

Twitterplan: The Newest Mashup in UK Local Government

I managed to catch up with Stuart Harrision/Pezholio this morning from Lichfield District Council to ask him about his new exciting development/mashup called Twitterplan. You can listen to the telephone interview here. Just in case you wondering who else is working on some exciting mashups, have a look at Warwickshire Councils R&D website. They're working on some interesting projects with me in the near future. You could find their Web Services and API Dump here. Look out for a post featuring their projects here on LGEOResearch soon. Read More »

Local Government Online Bloggers Mashup

I recently talked to Matt Johnson from SandwellMBC and he mentioned a really great idea to put all relevant feeds from notable local government blogs on a webpage. This is so other people can keep up with recent activities of fellow colleagues across government. So I've selected my top picks for local government online blogs and did a mashup of those blogs. I'm hoping Matt will find this useful and maybe others as well. Read More »

Videos: Web 2.0 – Transforming Government

I've been speaking to several local councils recently and noticed that alot of local council websites are still not Web 2.0. Although many were already on their way to apply Web 2.0 to their websites, I fear to think of those who haven't even considered it... Read More »