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Leading by Example… Gordon Brown is on Netmums!

I'm not a mum but I subscribe to Netmums to observe what makes Netmums so special. Out of just pure curiosity and admiration for the creators, I guess... I love what they've done and wish to see more networks such as this. Maybe a NetDads? I want to know what they're doing right. So I get weekly updates sent to my mailbox and I usually have a glance to see what they're up to. However this weeks email had a cool announcement that I thought was worth sharing. Have a look what's going on on Netmums... Read More »

Good Practices: Coventry City Council Take Billion Pound City Centre Planning Consultation to Facebook

Coventry City Council has recently unveiled its City Centre’s Masterplan to the local people of Coventry. This billion pound project achieved its Final Masterplan following a massive consultation exercise with local people. The council used various ways to ensure local people were involved in the project by raising awareness through the normal media channels. But what's interesting is they also used Facebook to run their consultation. Read More »

Cheltenham Borough Council Partners Google Type Search Page, Webcam, Weather Widget and Local Maps for Local Needs!

I have been speaking to online engagement champions in several local councils for the past 2 weeks or so. One of those councils is Cheltenham Borough Council who just launched their new and improved web 2.0 website provided by Jadu's CMS. Upon closer inspection there were alot of features that are worth mentioning and then thought, why not share it with the rest of the local council community. Read More »

Ideas for local councils to push social media to the public

As most of you might have noticed, the growth of local councils adopting the social media route is growing by the day. The momentum and awareness is growing slowly but surely. As I was sipping my favourite caramel macchiato at Starbucks this morning, I had an light bulb moment and thought its worth sharing it with you. Read More »

Customers using Facebook to demand local councils to LISTEN to them on consultation

Recently alot of articles have popped up regarding local councils using facebook (i.e. Dave Briggs & Simon Wakeman to name a few) to engage with citizens. Its a really great time for local government to get involved with new means of communication and engagement with their customers. However early this morning, as I was doing a bit of research, I noticed that there is another angle of Facebook that we are forgetting to acknowledge... Anyone care to take a guess what it is? Read More »

Video: Online Booking Widgets to Embed on LA websites, Facebook & other Web 2.0 platforms

I met Glenn Shoosmith, founder of BookingBug at Mashup* event - Realtime Social Web on 29th January 2009 (organized by Simon Grice from BeLocal) and we talked about a new service that he is about to launch. I thought it sounded useful and interesting to share with local councils so I asked if I could feature an interview with him about BookingBug services on my website. So here it is, edited and delivered with the cool "Arctic Monkeys" cool factor! Enjoy CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BOOKINGBUG Read More »

UK Local Councils Social Media Map

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5 emergency management tips for government disaster response

We’ve recently been confronted with a change in weather here in England and our local government was expected to react to that change effectively and efficiently.  Though the effects of the snow is not as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina or the recent forest fire in Australia, I believe that it is important to highlight the importance of being prepared in ... Read More »

Google Maps API – Importance of Mapping!

Google Maps API and REA Group Google Maps API and Yelp Google Maps API and Tripadvisor Google Maps API and The New York Times Hide message in English Google Maps API and Trulia Google Maps API and Kayak Google Maps and San Diego wildfires Google Maps API and Zipcar Read More »

YouTube Upload Booth – Can we use this to enhance public participation?

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