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Participation Literacy

We are now living in a new age where the Internet is not just another source or another tool. Its become our way of life. People will not only learn to read, write and do maths in school. They will need the knowledge to deal with our changing culture today. We are not all just consumers anymore. What skills do ... Read More »

Updated and Reformatted Table of UK Local Council Twitters on 10th February 09

There is a new updated and reformatted list of UK local council twitters. A data has been refitted into a table for a better view of details. This list now can be found here. I'm interested to know how this list is helping your council. Is it helping the social media bid for your local council? Or does it help you to consider how you wish to use Twitter for your organization? Please tell me what your thoughts are and hopefully I can improve the output of this research. Read More »

List of UK Local Councils on YouTube as of 22nd July 2009

This post features the list of UK Local Councils on Youtube. Read More »

17th April 09: List of UK Councillors on Twitter

Here is a list of UK councillors on Twitter as of 17th April 2009 Read More »

Interview with Lichfield Dictrict Council on Twitter Usage

Straight from the Horses Mouth Lichfield District Council Planning Twitter: Twitter stats followers: 19 Twitter stats updates: 138 Twitter Fact: Lichfield DC is one of the councils who have setup a twitter account for a specific service (Planning Apps). An interesting approach to using Twitter for local councils. Definitely one to watch! This interview was conducted with: Stuart Harrison ... Read More »

Lichfield District Councils Innovative User Generated Content (UGC) Approach to using Flickr

Lichfield District photo from Steve Lightfoot We currently have 23 members and 332 photos in the group  pool, which, given that I only started the group in October is pretty impressive! The community existed before the group and operates outside the council, but they do have regular meetups to take photos (the last one was in the city centre to ... Read More »

Mashups in government

Simon Grice @simongrice from recently asked me a few questions on mashups, so I thought I’d include the compilation of information I found on this blog. Though the information might not be complete, I hope to get some feedback. So feel free to leave your comments. Sorry this post is a long one.  Please take your time to read ... Read More »

Wikis and blogs as instruments for citizen participation

While doing this research, I often remind myself not to get lost and blinded by the gleaming new opportunities offered by technology. Being someone who is possibly technology bias, sometimes its hard not to be ;-p But with the impressive social media initiatives that some councils are diligently working on (even over the holidays and way into the night), for ... Read More »

Democracy 2.0: Seven Guidelines for Government Leaders

I have a few books on my shelf now regarding web 2.0, social media and social government. I found Don Tapscott’s  Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World (released 1 October 2008) view on the direction of government online particularly interesting. I highly recommend reading this book. You could get it the book on Amazon for ... Read More »