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“The UK Gov Social Media Awareness Project” launching at the Digital Engagement Event

I know everyone is curious and wondering… “What is that Liz up to NOW?!?” Hihi, well let me fill you in. As all of you might know, I will be at the Digital Engagement Event on 6th October. What you don’t know yet is I will also be at the Socitm 2009 Conference on 11-13th October in Edinburgh. And at that event, I’ve been invited to talk at one of the parallel sessions to talk to around 50 or more Head of IT’s of local councils across the UK.

The Social Media Challenges within UK Local Government

This video feature Dave Briggs, Learning Pool’s Community Evangelist on the topic of social media and the challenges it faces in the UK local government. There is a big issue around local government blocking access to social networking/media sites at work. There is also a worry around the use of old technology like IE6 web browser still being used in government. Take a look at the video to learn more.

Let’s Party with the “L Pool” Posse!

Ok, so for once I’m not working but instead I’ll be partying the day and night away! If you wanna see me (hehe) or have fun with the @learningpool posse … Be sure to book your places now, if you haven’t already that is! I think I’ll bring a day dress then a change of clothes later in the night to “Rock the Boat!” LOL

Social media: The misunderstood teenager?

Summary of my upcoming social media presentation. Any thoughts?

I’m going to be presenting this sometime in the near future. Thought I’d share my overview of the presentation with all my readers to get an insight into what you think. Any comments welcomed!

Learning Pool at ScotWeb2 2009 on Collaborative Learning and Saving Money

What are the tangible benefits of online learning? … Show me the money ! !

According to Paul, local authorities and organizations have been throwing money away for years on face-to-face training and they don’t care because when it comes down to evaluation they only care about 3 things…

Was lunch any good?
Could I get parking?
Was there a good crack around the break?

But when it comes to online training, we start to evaluate the tangible benefits i.e.

Did we save any money?
Were there tangible benefits to the organization and how long did it last for?