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Popping the question on Twitter….and raising awareness on cancer at the same time! #blamedrewscancer

We knew it was coming right? Someone was bound to propose on Twitter! Gosh I wish someone would propose to me on Twitter … LOL 🙂

Anyways, check out this awesome video about this guy called Drew Olanoff (@drew) talking about the moment he proposed to his girlfriend on twitter. What really grabbed my attention well was, yes of course the proposal itself, but what was even more interesting was the hashtag stream he used to actually propose to her. You’ll understand after you watch the whole thing, trust me, you’ll see me point after you’ve watched it all the way through! 😉 Enjoy!

In NYC with an eye into FutureGov: Reporting back on Personal Democracy Forum Conference 09

So how does it feel to be apart of the “biggest, most diverse, politics and technology conference in the world?” (@misif) Well, let’s find out…. A big thanks for @FutureGov for giving me this brilliant opportunity! 🙂

Let me just start of by saying, this is possibility the most important and impressive conference I have ever attended. This doesn’t just extend to the fact I had my long time dream come true, which is coming to New York City but also down to everything and anything that had to do with the conference.

Newest Researcher on the block… Sarah Lay

Researchers are sometimes quite hard to come by. They’re usually locked up in the library or room somewhere reading endless amounts of books and articles and once in a while pops out to do some field research. However when one does come by and shares their knowledge, so much can be learned and shared with its communities of practice.

With that said, its such a pleasure for me to introduce the newest member of the research community in local government specialising in social media. Some of you might already know her, she works at Derbyshire County Council and her name is Sarah Lay. Her twitter handle is @sarahlay and her website can be found here Thought Store .