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Learning Pool CELEB Event: Liz meets Ian Laughton and talks about flexible working in local government

Ian Laughton has been the Director of Nomad since its inception in 2003. As Chair of the Nomad Forum his role has been the overall delivery of the 4 million pound original project across its range of partner local authorities and the delivery of a sustainable Nomad Forum, events and activity. Previously, Ian was Head of e-Government at Cambridgeshire County Council with responsibility for the delivery of e-government, modernisation and efficiency targets. He was also previously responsible for the ICT and Information Systems of the Social Services Directorate at Cambridgeshire CC. Before joining local government Ian worked in the private ICT sector and a number of charitable organisations delivering media and technology programmes.

Learning Pool CELEB Event: Liz meets Leon Yohai and talks about change management in local government

Leon Yohai has worked in local government for over 24 years in areas including regeneration, homelessness, tenancy services and policy. He is currently at the very heart of an ambitious modernisation and regeneration programme worth £800 million. It has 10 key strands which, taken as a whole, will modernise and regenerate both service delivery and the infrastructure of the borough.

Local Gov 2.0 Strategies: Tackling current issues like the swine flu through collaborative learning

There has been enough stress surrounding the swine flu pandemic since its outbreak and the impact has caused major panic and distress to governments and citizens everywhere. Its certainly a critical time for governments to act swiftly and effectively without putting anymore lives in danger.

This is obviously a very alarming situation to deal with no matter how prepared you are and if wrong decisions are made, the repercussions and reaction from the public can be damaging. Therefore it is essential that governments react appropriately and effectively handle the issue with a high level of sensitivity.

Special Feature: Liz meets Christine Shakespeare, Winner of Learning Pool’s overall Customer of the Year Award 2009

So how did things start off for Basildon District Council…

Started off with attending lots of training, had lots of ideas and did lots of research in the first 10 months. Then in October, Basildon started planning their management development project and decided to integrate e-learning into their face-to-face training and that when it all took off.

Understanding Collaborative Learning with Hadley Beeman and Diving into the Learning Pool

Ever wondered what collaborative learning is? I’ve always had a few thoughts on what it could be and maybe took a logical guess or two but never quite understood why its so important to learning organizations and how they can be effective for learners. So I took it upon myself to ask the expert herself, Miss Hadley Beeman (@hadleybeeman on twitter).

After you’ve listened to my interview with Hadley, you might be interested to listen to my interviews with Learning Pool’s “Customer of the Year Award Winners in 2009” to get a more practical and better understanding of the effects of collaborative learning from a community or users point of view. I worked with LP earlier this year and was thoroughly impressed with how highly LP’s customers spoke about LP.

So how do you “Build Perfect Council Websites”?

So this was my first ‘gig’ at a conference. Have to say I was really shaking in my heels but glad to say I manage to pull through it with the support of a wonderful group of people who were very supportive and interactive throughout my session. 🙂 Thank you to all who were there in my session. I really enjoyed talking to you all.

PDF09: Liz meets Mark Belinsky and talks about how to make “Digital Democracy” happen!

Digital Democracy has been working for two years with the Burmese community in Thailand,Bangladesh, India, and China as well as with resettled Burmese populations in Indiana, Washington, DC and New York. D2 staff have published and presented research on Burma with an emphasis on technology use by displaced Burmese groups. In addition to Burma?s borders, we have conducted research in Cuba, Armenia, Mali, Zimbabwe,South Africa, and Israel.

Liz meets “The Man Behind Apps for Democracy, Peter Corbett” – CEO of iStrategy Labs on the streets of NYC

I met Peter while I was in NYC attending the Participation Camp (PCamp) and Personal Democracy Forum 09. Its funny how it might seem that I just bumped into him on the street but actually we were on our way back from PCamp and walking towards the subway when I asked Peter if I could do a quick video interview with him. And he was kind enough to agree to do so eventhough the rain was starting to pour ! (Thank you Peter!). We talked about alot of different things.

AbilityNet at PCW09: Building Perfect Accessible Local Authority Websites

So, a few weeks ago I was in Olympia attending the Building Perfect Council Websites ’09 (#pcw09) to conduct a workshop on social media (which was alot of fun by the way ! ). While I was there, I managed to interview Robin Christopherson (Head of Accessibility) and Diana Robinson (Sales and Marketing Manager) from AbilityNet . I’m hoping to gain more knowledge on accessible websites as I go along. So hopefully LGEO Research will feature more news on AbilityNet in the future to keep local authority website developers up-to-date on how to make their websites more accessible.