Delivering an inclusive government: An invitation to experience UKGovCamp11 outside Twitterverse

It always makes me wonder, after my 3rd UKGovCamp, how are people reaching all the wonderful information we shared on the momentous day? Are we only engineering innovative ideas amongst ourselves or is UKGovCamp reaching our excluded colleagues who would think attending a government unconference on a Saturday is a crazy idea? Based on the recent UKGovCamp11, it would be ashame if all that knowledge and enthusiasm was shelled within our tweets. It is my hope that we reach our colleagues with this prezi that will hopefully act as an invitation to your colleagues who might never attend UKGovCamp on a Saturday. It highlights all that happened on 22nd Jan 2011 at #ukgc11 (Microsoft UK). It is to introduce the topics discussed at the unconference to those who did not attend but might be interested in all the useful content shared throughout the day.

As @danslee said on twitter…

“Inspired at #ukgc11? Do one small thing today that you learned. Even if its just joining Flickr…”

Well Dan, echoing your enthusiasm… inspired at #ukgc11? Do one small thing today that you learned. Invite others to see this Prezi to experience #ukgc11 TODAY! 🙂


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