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Attempting to outlaw Facebook, Twitter and their lesser-known cousins may cruel your pitch with Gen Y staff

EpicStar SuperPost is back! Now we bring another great blog post from “Bang the Table” in Australia.  Although that might seem quite far, trust me, local governments in Australia face the same difficulties, challenges and barriers that we do here in the UK, Canada and the US. Here’s a piece by one of “Bang the Table‘s” top bloggers, Crispin Butteriss who is plugging a very interesting article from the “Australian Local Government Manager magazine”.

To allow or not all? That is the conundrum for many council’s when it comes to the question of staff access to social media during working hours. But think carefully before pushing through a ‘no’ vote.

Quite apart from the near impossibility of achieving an effective bar (given the advent of such potentially subversive devices as the smartphone), officially turning off access to Facebook et al may prove to be a major turn-off for those Gen Y’s so keenly sought for the local government workforce.

This article, Social Media at Work, by yours truly was published in a recent edition of the Australian Local Government Manager magazine.

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Social Media at Work

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