Its a sad day… RIP Jaheem Harrera

Today I heard the news about a young boy (age 11)  killing himself after being a victim of bullying at school. Jaheem Herrera had hung himself at his home by a belt in a closet.  He complained to his mother and school about being bullied and being called gay but the bullying never stopped… In the end, he decided to take his own life to end the abuse. You can read more about this story here.

This sad story makes me wonder on how we can use social media and the web to step in and stop bullying in schools? How can we effectively create campaigns and awareness using the tools we have to protect children from bullying? What is the role of local government and schools in cases like this? How do we collaborate with one another and involve the local community?

Is there a way to connect ASBO records or any other possible source that could help to reduce bullying in schools? Could we create a link between school databases,  social networks such as bebo and facebook and counselling associations to lighten the burden of the victims and create awareness or a point of reference? How can we make it easier for children to be heard?

This is exactly the type of collaboration that could make a difference in local communities. Things that actually matter to the well being of the local community. Regardless of whether or not we are in government, information and knowledge can save peoples lives but only if we engage and communicate it to people who desperately need them…

RIP Jaheem Herrera

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