LGEO Research is Getting Busy in Edinburgh for Socitm’s Annual Conference 11-13th October 2009

Hey guys and dolls! 😉

So another week, there’s another event for LGEO Research to sink its teeth into! This time its the Socitm’s 2009 Conference: Re-inventing local public services – radical thinking, practical solutions. LGEO Research has once again been commissioned to cover an event but the difference here is I am going to be speaking at the event in one of the parallel sessions to Head of IT’s of various local councils across the UK along with Simon Hume (Stratford-on-Avon District Council) and Martin Greenwood (Socitm Insight Programme Manager) on the subject of “Social media: are ICT managers blocking modern ways of working – and is it a problem?”

So, this is going to be quite a VERY interesting event for me and a great opportunity to talk directly to senior management on the potential of social media.

What I need from YOU!

Ok, so I have a plan… and I need your help!! I was hoping to put together a montage of why YOU think social media is effective for you and your work in local government. I’m hoping to get your voices across and with me at this event. So, here comes OUR chance to make a difference together. All you have to do is write clearly on a piece of paper, on What SOCIAL MEDIA IS to you…

Here are the instructions…

  1. Print “social media is” ppt slide out.
  2. Write what you think social media is to you.
  3. Then take a picture of yourself holding up the paper after you have written your thoughts down. Make sure it is clear on the picture.
  4. Tip: The less words used the better so its clear on the paper and on the picture.
  5. Email (liz@lgeoresearch.com) those pictures or even better tweet (@Liz_Azyan) them to me so other people can see and RT them to encourage the movement.

The end result will hopefully look something like this…

“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Why do this??

Its the UK Local Gov Social Media Awareness Project

Check my previous blog post about the campaign here.

Well, everyone knows the only way to show something works is to actually DEMONSTRATE its potential. So what are you waiting for? If you believe in the potential of social media in local government, then let’s get your voices heard and change people’s perception on social media. Remember the people I will be talking to are the people who can make the decisions to move forward or not. So this IS VERY IMPORTANT! Its a movement that will only come alive and successful if you make it happen! So get cracking! 😉

Looking forward to your support and pictures!

Liz xxx

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