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LGEO Research Posters

What are local governments worst gripes about their websites and content management systems?

A few weeks ago, I asked my twitter followers the question below. I managed to capture some really interesting quotes from Phil Rumens and Alastair Smith and immortalised them in the posters below. I hope you like them! Feel free to share or print if you like. I’m curious to know, what’s the worst bit about maintaining a company website ... Read More »

Community managers don’t grow on trees!

Often enough, I stumble upon a conversation with fellow peers telling me how a community managers job is so undervalued. Take it from me folks, it ain’t easy. This is for all those hard working community managers! We value you!       Read More »

We need leaders, not lurkers

In social media, we often find many lurkers but very few leaders.   Read More »

“You are what you tweet” Poster

Read More »