LGEO Research releases 1st White Paper tomorrow

So, tomorrow I’m releasing my 1st White Paper on how local government can communicate better with citizens using multiple channels on limited cost.  Its been a while that I’ve been doing this research and I often get suggestions or go over ideas on how local governments can better utilise either social media channels or any of their e-services. They’re are also concerns that there are not many transactions happening on local government websites that can sufficiently cut costs and make some proper savings.

The paper was released to one lucky local council and their review was this – name of individual and local council will be released tomorrow to avoid a leak ;o) #twitterleaks

Liz effectively articulates how local government can use integrated, multi-channel communications to increase access to information and services, improve opportunities for engagement, and offer members of the community a choice in how they get their information.

The White Paper

This 8-page White Paper is the beginning of finding some practical and evidence-based solutions that might be of interest to local councils and other government bodies who want to communicate better with their citizens. Find out:-

  1. Why local councils need to communicate better with citizens
  2. How local councils and other government agencies are currently engaging with citizens.
  3. What are the challenges government faces when communicating with the public.
  4. Reasons why public communication must improve.
  5. Benefits of good communication for governments and citizens.
  6. Finding a low cost, simple solution.
  7. Integrating social media and email into government web communications strategy.
  8. Statistics and figures on success stories of using an integrated platform for public communication.
  9. And many more!

So, if you’ve been following my research all this time and have found it useful, please remember to look out for the release tomorrow on Twitter, Facebook and Scribd. Its free for all and the hashtag for this White Paper is #getthewordout because its about governments effectively getting the word out to citizens!

So, please GET THE WORD OUT! 😉

Hope you will find the information useful!

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  1. karenblakeman (Karen Blakeman)

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    Waiting for @Liz_Azyan white paper on gov-citizen digital communications [link to post] #getthewordout

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    RT @karenblakeman: Waiting for @Liz_Azyan white paper on gov-citizen digital communications [link to post] #getthewordout

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