LGEOResearch is proud to introduce: Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Dear Lovely and Respected Readers,

I have been MIA earlier today, no updates, no tweets and no emails. I was ill with a bug and had to take 2 pain killers because nothing else worked. So I was knocked out most of the day (I’ve never been unconscious 1 whole day.. not productive, not a good feeling…) . But I’m 85% recovered now and I come bearing some new exciting news. Starting from tomorrow, I will be featuring a new segment in this blog for my research called “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” (kind of like Mr Ed the talking horse – see video below). This segment will be featuring people associated with local government such as councillors, IT staff, consultants, citizens, communication officers and etc.

I will be conducting interviews face-to-face or online with individuals selected to pick their brain on all their new exciting IT related local government projects. This segment was created to act as a mouthpiece for individuals associated with and within local government to voice out their experiences and opinions. Hopefully this segment will serve its purpose to encourage collaboration with each other and give further input into my doctoral research. If anyone wishes to feature their experience or your opinion, please get in touch with me at liz.ainaz@gmail.com

This week this segment will be featuring:-

  • A lovely and friendly councillor who just recently started to blog and twitter actively…. hmmm I wonder who??? 😉
  • And a hard working webmaster from a local council talking about his work with Flickr… very interesting collaboration with local photographers activity here….

So stay tune for this segment… Til then, see you on twitter! 😉

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

LGEOResearch Author – Liz Azyan @liz_azyan

Mr. Ed – the talking horse!

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