List of UK local government departments and decision makers

I often think that in order to encourage dialogue, we must talk through the problem in a manner that our audience can understand. Say if somebody called you by your name, you would immediately give them your attention. Its particularly important for someone like me, researching an area of which I’m not in tune with in my everyday life and have no hands-on experience with, it is absolutely vital that I understand what an organization does, how it works and most important; who are the decision makers. And its even more important to know what services are on offer, so we could identify the issues accordingly.

So here’s a list of roles/departments in local government. As consultants, IT, marketing/communication departments and councillors are moving towards the embracing innovations in public services, possibly this would give us a better idea on how and most importantly who, we should talk to in local governments. Hope this list helps!

Click here to download list.

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