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Now with pictures & other Twitterati lists!: @Liz_Azyan’s Twitterati Dedication List – People you should follow on Twitter

Ok, so I’m in the middle of writing my thesis and thought I had to do something to release some tension and stress. So I decided to do something fun for a change…. Check it out!

News Update: I’m surprised this list has been such a hit since it was released! I would’ve never guessed it. Hopefully everyone will gain new followers in the days to come!

News Update 21st August 2009: Profiles now updated with pixxies! 🙂

Over the past few months, I’ve become really great friends with my Twitterati’s . Who knew I’d find really great friends on Twitter, people who could be there for you when things don’t go quite right…  – I’ve met most of the people on this list in real life. There are a few people that have always given me support throughout the months I’ve been on Twitter and feel that I’d like to dedicate this post to them as a way of saying TQ so much for all your support on my research and blog! Please forgive me if I have forgotten someone (pls give me a pinch if I’ve forgotten!).

They are all people involved in my research one way or another so if you are new to twitter and still don’t know who to follow, I’d highly recommend all of my friends on this list. I haven’t identified them based on their position in local government because they are not here because of their positions  but purely based on my experience interacting with them and of course for their lovely personalities that I have come to learn and be friends with over the past few months!

…. Really hope I didn’t forget anybody! – This list will be update now and again if I realized I’ve forgotten someone!

Update 22nd July – So I did infact forget some really really important people! Mostly because I thought they were already on the list. Deepest apologies to Paul Canning! :-s I’m so sorry, I thought 50+ people seem already alot of people but seems I have even more important people to add on to the list! So I say there has been an addition of somewhat 20 people today. More to come if I suddenly remember more!

Here are some funny, interesting and also tweets that I definitely appreciate circulating around twitter since the release of the list! Thx for your support!

Liz Azyan’s Local Government Social Media Research Twitterati Dedication List (in no particular order!) – Follow all the special people on Twitter!

Due to a few niggles about the order of the list according to number rank, I’ve changed the bullets to points now 😉 Hope this works out better for everybody. Cheers for feedback! And just to point out again, the list is in no particular order!

Here are a few other links to other also very important “people to follow lists”

  • @hadleybeeman (On top of my list coz she’s my uni friend and known me since 2004 and an absolute star! – the rest of the list is in no particular order !
  • @alncl (currently in twitter jail #freealncl!) / @_guy_incognito – He’s free!
  • @b3rn – My fav Aussie! 😉
  • @vincestev (not local government but has been a good twitter friend in time of need 🙂 )
  • @skinola7 – Thanks for carrying my bag in Brum! 🙂

You guys and gals are all stars! Thanks again!!! 😀

Liz xxx

About Liz Azyan

Liz is a CREATIVE digital professional dedicated to helping individuals, governments and businesses realize their digital goals. She offers digital consultancy services on her website Liz is also a Google Fellowship Recipient (individuals selected based on their work and initiative in the arenas of technology, politics and social entrepreneurship), an invited expert panel on the Guardian’s Public Leader Network and has spoken at many public events and conferences on the subject of digital engagement.