Video: Liz meets Stephen Dale at Layden House, London

Steve Dale

About a week ago I met up with Stephen Dale at Layden House in London. It was such an honour to finally get to meet Steve after months of admiring his work in local government.  Steve has published a couple of articles which you can find below. We had a lovely and insightful chat about the role and challenges of social media and web 2.0 for UK local councils. Steve also mentions his thoughts on Twitter, which I think you might find interesting. I managed to capture some of it on video. I believe some of Steve’s thoughts here can help local councils to understand how web 2.0 and social media can help their organization. So hopefully you will find it useful. The questions asked on this video are as follows:-

  1. What is Web 2.0?
  2. What can Web 2.0 offer local councils?
  3. How can local councils use social media?
  4. What are your thoughts on local councils blocking social media sites at work?

Liz interviews Steve Dale about social media and Web 2.0 in UK local councils from Liz Azyan on Vimeo.

Steve has written a brilliant article about web 2.0 and local councils on IT Advisor magazine. Definitely worth a read. Utilising Web 2.0 in Local Government

Another interesting article written by Steve is “Communities of Practice in Local Government”.

Here is a little bit about Steve.

Steve Dale is a passionate advocate of the premise that organisations and enterprises can become smarter, faster, more agile and more innovative by recognising the latent creativity and energy locked up in their most precious and valuable resource – their people.  This can only be achieved by creating an environment of trust, where conversations can flow and where ideas are encouraged and nurtured without being killed stone dead by process. Steve’s 25 years + background in information and knowledge management, coupled with an intuitive understanding of people and group dynamics has enabled him to blend the disciplines of policy, process and procedure with the human instincts to collaborate and co-create, delivering organisational change and systems where connections and conversations are the key to self-development and the sustainable health of the organisation.

He is both an evangelist and practitioner in the use of Web 2.0 technologies and Social Media applications to support personal learning and knowledge sharing.

Steve Dale also publishes to and occasionally Twitters at .

He can be contacted  here.

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  1. Steve Dale


    thank you for so many kind words throughout your article, and a very professional-looking video. I should have made clear that my primary blog is at I rarely update the – though maybe I’ll have to refocus on this if your article brings in lots of page hits!

    I hope you have a great trip to Washington.


    Steve Dale’s last blog post..Bookmarks for March 17th through March 20th

    1. admin

      Thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to meet up with me. It was certainly a pleasure to talk to you. I believe you have some very exciting ideas and developments coming up. I can’t wait to hear more about them. Just in case, I’ve deleted the Dissident blog from the article, so not to cause to much hassle for you. Hope that’s ok.

      Hopefully our paths will cross again soon! Thank you for your well wishes for Washington! 😀