Local Gov Camp Lincoln Social Reporting Bumper Issue!

Hello! ;o)

So its been a been a while since LocalGovCamp Lincoln but its never too late to share all those juicy details for all your reading and viewing (special videos) pleasures!  I was sponsored by Jadu on this trip and am ever so grateful to them for sponsoring me because if it wasn’t for people sponsoring me to attend these ‘wicked cool’ events, I would never have the opportunity to learn everything that I have learnt so far. So massive thanks to Jadu for sponsoring me this time around.

So without further adieu, here are the specially crafted official LGC Lincoln blogposts!

  1. What’s the problem with ePetitions?
  2. What’s in store for Better Connected next year?
  3. LocalGovCamp Lincoln Recap: My interview with Andrew Beeken
  4. Let’s talk about Government Consultations with Joss Winn
  5. What about a university for Public Sector Web Professionals?
  6. Better Connected 2010 looking into Local Councils Social Media Activities

Hope all of this is useful!

FYI I’ll be in Sweden and Barcelona middle of this month for 2 more conferences, so look out for those blogposts too!

Liz xxx