Local Government Online Bloggers Mashup

Dear readers,

I recently talked to Matt Johnson from SandwellMBC and he mentioned a really great idea to put all relevant feeds from notable local government blogs on a webpage.  This is so other people can keep up with recent activities of fellow colleagues across government. So I’ve selected my top picks for local government online blogs and did a mashup of those blogs.  I’m hoping Matt will find this useful and maybe others as well.

This is obviously an alternative to google readers and etc. Its just a matter of preference, you might love it or hate it. But if 1 person can find it useful, that would be an accomplishment for me.

Click here to go to the Local Gov Online Blogs Mashup

My prediction: This type of blog mashup will soon be replicated by others who have their own blog recommendations and we will soon see a mashup of ‘blog mashups’.  My choice of blogs are based on how I see their value and also my personal communication with each of them for the past few months. It would be interesting to see if other blog mashups will pop up in the next few weeks.


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  1. Graham

    Good stuff – and reminds me of a technical question I had when looking at Steph Gray’s DIUS delicious aggregator too – namely, is there an easy way to look up each of the URLs on a page like this via delicious, to see how many people have bookmarked it? This would make it easy to indicate which links are gaining attention…

    Doing it one-by-one really slows down page loading. Maybe some kind of AJAX integration?

    1. admin

      Hi Graham,
      Thanks! 🙂 I would love to do that though to be completely honest, I’m not so technical myself. This was just really an amateur attempt at taking a concept/idea and trying to make something out of it. But I think you’ve got a great idea there and if time permits, I will definitely try to implement it.

      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

  2. Graham

    No problem – Will let you know if I figure it out as well 😉

  3. Andy Mabbett

    Great idea – but I’d also find an OPML file of all the involved blogs useful; I could then subscribe to all, most or some of them, as suited me.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the idea Andy, I’ll have to look into that one. Am not that techy, but will figure it out! 😉


  4. Jon Harvey

    I have set up a blog to collect ideas from around the world – of where small changes have been made to the public services that have resulted in big benefits. I am looking for ‘bite sized’ ideas that have helped your organisation deliver more to your local communities, or helped make work even more efficient, or just saved some money or staff/officer time. And the idea could be applied elsewhere reasonably easily and is probably not widely known outside of your own organisation.


    All ideas welcome from any link on the mashup!! (And indeed anyone else!)