My Future Posts: Any ideas?

Its been a great few weeks since the launch of this blog. My cup was empty but now its half full! I’ve learnt a lot and continue to learn from all of you who have kindly taken some time to talk to me, leave comments and give me some feedback.

To ensure that I continue to make improvements in my research and this blog, and also avoid duplications. I would like to ask for your kind help, to either comment on each topic or give me link/s to good articles or posts that you have in relation to the future posts I’ve listed below.

  1. Best practices: Local councils social media strategies. – Any councils who have proven social media strategies success, pls get in touch.
  2. Investigating councillors who twitter and their councils
  3. Looking into issues of cybersquatting local councils websites when implementing social media strategies.
  4. Considering social branding as a marketing tool to increase use of social media in local councils.
  5. Social media: The next ‘innovation stop’ for 1stopshop services?
  6. Local councils on Facebook and Flickr.
  7. Local councils engaging with forums/bulletin boards.
  8. An update on ‘List and status of local council twitters’.
  9. Tackling generation firewall
  10. How does social media help add or create value for local council websites?
  11. Do local councils concentrate their attention on informing and serving the lower end of the community a lot more than the rest of the community? And how does this affect the uptake of local council websites among average citizens?

I deeply appreciate any help I could get and I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Stuart Harrison

    Hi Liz,

    I can certainly help you with the Flickr stuff, we have a Flickr group that is regularly updated by a community of photographers ( I then use the Flickr API to show photos from that group on our homepage –

    We also have our own Flickr account, which we are hoping to update more frequently in the new year.


  2. admin

    Hi Stuart,
    Thanks a lot for offering your help. You have some great shots of Lichfield there! 🙂 I’ll certainly be in touch with you today regarding this. Its great that you feature this on your homepage. The photographers must be proud to be featured! 🙂 Wonder if the community of photographers are local to the area…?