My UKGovWeb09 Campaign Video

This video was made after meeting Dave Briggs from at British Library. We talked about the UKGovWeb09 and I was wondering whether there was a way to get more government officials to come to this event. The main problem we have at the moment is “AWARENESS” and events like this is how awareness is being created. So please help us by coming along to this event and making sure all your colleagues in government and local government know about this event. It does not matter which department they are in, everyone is relevant as a enabler and a user. There is a new wave of public service innovations coming your way. Grab this opportunity and be apart of something very special. Make HISTORY!

Here’s how: –

  1. Post this video on your blog
  2. Sign up at
  3. Tweet this video link on your twitter.
  4. Email it, facebook it, myspace it, wiki it, bebo it… do whatever it takes to get the word out.
  5. Create your own video. Don’t be scared. I never created  my own video before until now. This is my first video and it tool 2 hours to make. Next time I think I can do it in 30 mins. Here are the video tutorials that I used to learn how to make a video. and
  6. Attend UKGovWeb09 this 31st January 2009!
  7. Don’t forget to leave comments either on this blog or on youtube! This helps the circulation of this video! TQ

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  1. martin

    Nice video! I’ll be encouraging my team (webteam) at Camden to attend. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

  2. admin

    Thanks Martin! I’m looking forward to seeing you and your webteam there 🙂