Social media: The misunderstood teenager?

Teenwolf: The misunderstood teenager

Summary of my upcoming social media presentation. Any thoughts?

I’m going to be presenting this sometime in the near future. Thought I’d share my overview of the presentation that I had in mind with all my readers to get an insight into what you think. Any comments welcomed!

Social media has made a great difference on how we are now using the web to communicate with each other. It is changing the way we accumulate, disseminate and use information that shapes our thoughts, goals and way of life. Its also changed the way the media works and how we or who broadcasts. Which is why ‘mass media’ has now been replaced with ‘social media’.

Changes in the way we communicate and telecommunications…

We are now ‘facebooking’, ‘tweeting’ and ‘myspacing’ our family and friends. Mobile applications supporting social media have also given people new ways to communicate, changing and innovating our telecommunications market. However there is still a great misunderstanding or should I say lack of understanding on how it really has made an impact on our societies across the world. Governments around the world can no longer ignore social media’s presence on the web, as the potential can greatly improve service deliveries as well as their relationships with their citizens.

The misunderstood teenager…

Social media is somewhat like the misunderstood teenager.  If we took the time to understand it and nurture it, we can harness its maximum potential and achieve results beyond our imaginations.  This presentation will feature examples of the use of social media in society and governments, its challenges and an overview on how you can spot the potential of social media in your organization.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!


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    Social media: The misunderstood teenager?: Source: Local Government Engagement Online Research Blog [link to post]

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  2. Sharon O'Dea

    I agree – we’re all exited about social media but haven’t yet worked out how we make the most of it.

    You might be interested in this analysis by Meg Pickard on how Twitter’ hype curve has mirrored that of blogging.