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How can government leverage Web 2.0?

A video created for a presentation to the ACT Minister’s Department, Australia as a means of communicating some of the “life reflecting art reflecting life” aspects of Web 2.0 and modern culture. Video clips are used for education purposes only and used under Fair Use Legislation. No challenge to the trademarks, copyright or intellectual property of the creators is intended.

Social media: The misunderstood teenager?

Summary of my upcoming social media presentation. Any thoughts?

I’m going to be presenting this sometime in the near future. Thought I’d share my overview of the presentation with all my readers to get an insight into what you think. Any comments welcomed!

UK Politics Internships

I’ve recently been asked by a fellow undergraduate at my university of where to look for Politics Internships. I’d say first of all, this list might be a good start. If that fails, have a look at these websites.