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How government can spend less money on IT investments

I know people mostly know me for either talking and writing about social media or web usability. But over the past few years, I’ve been involved in so many different government related projects that I’ve managed to pick up a more bigger picture of government ICT. More recently I’ve learnt a lot about open source in government, so I think ... Read More »

Feat. ‘Lords of Football’: Can games solve our problems and bring communities together?

I was surprised when I read about this new game called “Lords of Football“. It is a new game that takes sports games to a whole new level. Mind you, when I start playing a game, I do get quite obsessed with it and will want to finish it as quick as I started playing it. But when I heard ... Read More »

Government-to-Citizen Communications: Utilising multiple digital channels effectively

This blog post marks the release of LGEO Research 1st White Paper titled "Government-to-Citizen Communications: Utilising multiple digital channels effectively" Read More »

Tom Steinberg talks about how has created Transparency in Government

Tom Steinberg runs MySociety which is a small open-source virtual non-profit. A well known example of MySociety in the UK is FixMyStreet. He also talks about MySociety newest website "WhatDoTheyKnow?" at the Personal Democracy Forum Europe 2009. Read More »

Live Blogging: Digital Engagement – Empowering Citizens and Government through Digital Innovation

Read More »

How can government leverage Web 2.0?

A video created for a presentation to the ACT Minister's Department, Australia as a means of communicating some of the "life reflecting art reflecting life" aspects of Web 2.0 and modern culture. Video clips are used for education purposes only and used under Fair Use Legislation. No challenge to the trademarks, copyright or intellectual property of the creators is intended. Read More »

Digital Engagement – Empowering Citizens and Government through Digital Innovation

An interesting affair.... Almost everyday my inbox is filled with information or invitations to attend conferences and events on digital engagement, e-government, social media, local government and everything web 2.0. There's some interesting conferences and events coming up on my calendar and I thought I'd share one with my readers. Read More »

Social media: The misunderstood teenager?

Summary of my upcoming social media presentation. Any thoughts? I'm going to be presenting this sometime in the near future. Thought I'd share my overview of the presentation with all my readers to get an insight into what you think. Any comments welcomed! Read More »

UK Politics Internships

I've recently been asked by a fellow undergraduate at my university of where to look for Politics Internships. I'd say first of all, this list might be a good start. If that fails, have a look at these websites. Read More »


Today I'm going to blog a bit about an interesting event taking place in June. Some of you might have already heard of it. Its the ScotWeb2 event which you can start registering for here. You can find out more about this event from @alexstobart and follow the ScotWeb2 blog here. To give a clearer description of what to expect, I managed to interview the organizer of the event, Alex Stobart who is the Co-Founder and Director of Enterprise in Scotland. If you're intrigued to find out what its all about, you can listen in on the interview here. Read More »