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LGEO Research is Opening its Social Media Research Data

I've finally got around to doing what I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I'm opening up all the research data I have to local councils to own and update as often as you like. I know I am unable to update this data on my own any longer, especially with the increased uptake of social media by UK Local Councils. Read More »

Video: Online Booking Widgets to Embed on LA websites, Facebook & other Web 2.0 platforms

I met Glenn Shoosmith, founder of BookingBug at Mashup* event - Realtime Social Web on 29th January 2009 (organized by Simon Grice from BeLocal) and we talked about a new service that he is about to launch. I thought it sounded useful and interesting to share with local councils so I asked if I could feature an interview with him about BookingBug services on my website. So here it is, edited and delivered with the cool "Arctic Monkeys" cool factor! Enjoy CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BOOKINGBUG Read More »

List and status of UK Local Council Twitters

Reasons for conducting this observation 1. To create better practices when using twitter for local gov. 2. To create a ring of network between local councils to share information and solutions for improvement. 3. To understand how and why we choose a certain methods and not others. 4. To allow other councils to learn from each other and add on to the list if they wish to be apart of this ring. 5. To develop a standard of practice that we all can follow that is tested and proven. 6. To conduct a content analysis for my citizen engagement online research. 7. To demonstrate to colleagues and other relevant individuals of the potential or benefits of this approach to engage citizens, if any. Read More »