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LGEO Research is Getting Busy in Edinburgh for Socitm’s Annual Conference 11-13th October 2009

So another week, there's another event for LGEO Research to sink its teeth into! This time its the Socitm's 2009 Conference: Re-inventing local public services – radical thinking, practical solutions. LGEO Research has once again been commissioned to cover an event but the difference here is I am going to be speaking at the event in one of the parallel sessions to Head of IT's in various local councils across the UK along with Simon Hume (Stratford-on-Avon District Council) and Martin Greenwood (Socitm Insight Programme Manager) on the subject of "Social media: are ICT managers blocking modern ways of working - and is it a problem?" Read More »

AbilityNet at PCW09: Building Perfect Accessible Local Authority Websites

So, a few weeks ago I was in Olympia attending the Building Perfect Council Websites '09 (#pcw09) to conduct a workshop on social media (which was alot of fun by the way ! ). While I was there, I managed to interview Robin Christopherson (Head of Accessibility) and Diana Robinson (Sales and Marketing Manager) from AbilityNet . I'm hoping to gain more knowledge on accessible websites as I go along. So hopefully LGEO Research will feature more news on AbilityNet in the future to keep local authority website developers up-to-date on how to make their websites more accessible. Read More »


Today I'm going to blog a bit about an interesting event taking place in June. Some of you might have already heard of it. Its the ScotWeb2 event which you can start registering for here. You can find out more about this event from @alexstobart and follow the ScotWeb2 blog here. To give a clearer description of what to expect, I managed to interview the organizer of the event, Alex Stobart who is the Co-Founder and Director of Enterprise in Scotland. If you're intrigued to find out what its all about, you can listen in on the interview here. Read More »

A compilation of citizens mixed reactions on UK local councils on Twitter

This post features a compilation of citizens mised reactions on UK local councils on Twitter. There's videos, twitter status image, audios and some other exciting conversations. Read More »

Good Practices: Coventry City Council Take Billion Pound City Centre Planning Consultation to Facebook

Coventry City Council has recently unveiled its City Centre’s Masterplan to the local people of Coventry. This billion pound project achieved its Final Masterplan following a massive consultation exercise with local people. The council used various ways to ensure local people were involved in the project by raising awareness through the normal media channels. But what's interesting is they also used Facebook to run their consultation. Read More »

Video: Simon Wakeman on Medway Councils social media plans in 2009

I recently caught up with Simon Wakeman at Medway Council and asked him about Medways digital engagement activities. Simon is the Head of Marketing at Medway Council as well as a freelance communications consultant. Read More »

UK Local Councils Social Media Map

View Larger Map Read More »

Updated and Reformatted Table of UK Local Council Twitters on 10th February 09

There is a new updated and reformatted list of UK local council twitters. A data has been refitted into a table for a better view of details. This list now can be found here. I'm interested to know how this list is helping your council. Is it helping the social media bid for your local council? Or does it help you to consider how you wish to use Twitter for your organization? Please tell me what your thoughts are and hopefully I can improve the output of this research. Read More »

List of UK Local Councils on YouTube as of 22nd July 2009

This post features the list of UK Local Councils on Youtube. Read More »

Learning from Your Neighbourhood Networks Online

Feat. NEWSLETTER FEAT. INTERVIEW WITH HUGH FLOUCH FROM HARRINGAYONLINE.COM DOWNLOAD HERE So, this post officially launches my first PDF newsletter featuring Hugh Flouch from Hope this interview with Hugh will raise more awareness on the positive impact of community websites such as and encourage healthy partnerships with local councils 🙂 YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER HERE. Other ... Read More »