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How Camden Council (UK) will be engaging with the local community through hyperlocal websites

This blog post talks about Camden Council's Digital Strategy to include hyperlocal websites with featured interview clips with Will Perrin from Talk About Local. Read More »

NW Councils Twitter Client Data now available on Wiki!

This data was kindly collated by @inhumanbeing, Tony Roberts, a public health operative which also can be found here Its an interesting bit of information for those who are curious and want to improve things. Read More »

LGEO Research is Opening its Social Media Research Data

I've finally got around to doing what I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I'm opening up all the research data I have to local councils to own and update as often as you like. I know I am unable to update this data on my own any longer, especially with the increased uptake of social media by UK Local Councils. Read More »

Updated list of UK Local Councils Twitter Accounts – 22nd July 2009

Its been a while since I've updated this list. Much to my surprise the numbers of council on twitter has doubled since the last time I looked. Hopefully by end of the year all local councils will have a twitter account. I'm very interested to learn how you are using your twitter accounts so please do leave your comments on your experiences with twitter. Good or bad! We all want to learn form each other. And if you have any great annecdotes, why not share those too! Read More »

Videos: Web 2.0 – Transforming Government

I've been speaking to several local councils recently and noticed that alot of local council websites are still not Web 2.0. Although many were already on their way to apply Web 2.0 to their websites, I fear to think of those who haven't even considered it... Read More »

Ideas for local councils to push social media to the public

As most of you might have noticed, the growth of local councils adopting the social media route is growing by the day. The momentum and awareness is growing slowly but surely. As I was sipping my favourite caramel macchiato at Starbucks this morning, I had an light bulb moment and thought its worth sharing it with you. Read More »

Customers using Facebook to demand local councils to LISTEN to them on consultation

Recently alot of articles have popped up regarding local councils using facebook (i.e. Dave Briggs & Simon Wakeman to name a few) to engage with citizens. Its a really great time for local government to get involved with new means of communication and engagement with their customers. However early this morning, as I was doing a bit of research, I noticed that there is another angle of Facebook that we are forgetting to acknowledge... Anyone care to take a guess what it is? Read More »