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Let’s not just make open data sexy… let’s make it really useful!

To register for the Really Useful event of 1st of July go to and vote for the challenges at Ever since the launch of open data here in the UK by Sir Tim Bernes-Lee in  January 2010 with (who ReadWriteWeb says actually put the US version to shame due to the volume of data offered was ... Read More »

EpicStar SuperPost

Attempting to outlaw Facebook, Twitter and their lesser-known cousins may cruel your pitch with Gen Y staff EpicStar SuperPost is back! Now we bring another great blog post from “Bang the Table” in Australia.  Although that might seem quite far, trust me, local governments in Australia face the same difficulties, challenges and barriers that we do here in the UK, ... Read More »

UKGovCamp11: Video production on the cheap for local government

Andrew Beeken – Lincoln City Council Andrew Beeken presented a very useful session at UKGovCamp11 this year discussing how we can produce corporate videos on the cheap. A lot of good tips were shared and thoughts were exchanged during Andrew’s session as well as the Q&A. If you are interested in producing a cost effective video using very cheap or ... Read More »

What are widgets? How can local government use widgets?

What are widgets? For some of us in local government, mentioning the word widget is not alien to us and has become somewhat part of our online activities.  However for those who have never come across a widget or heard of it, widget might seem like a funny word little kids might say amongst their young friends. So to make ... Read More »

Web 2.0, HR and Local Government

People often talk about getting on the property ladder for first time buyers and this would possibly be the talking point for many graduates who have manage to secure their first job and now considering their first real estate purchase. But nowadays, graduates are faced with a different conundrum. They are faced with the challenge of getting ON the job ladder. The job ... Read More »

Open Cover Letter: I’m back on the market.

To Whom It May Concern, Yesterday I announced on my twitter feed that I will be having some big news to share today. So, the day has come and I am here to announce that I will be on the job hunt again. As most of my readers and twitter followers would already know, last year I tweeted that I ... Read More »

LGEO Research releases 1st White Paper tomorrow

So, tomorrow I'm releasing my 1st White Paper on how local government can communicate better with citizens using multiple channels on limited cost. Read More »

Election 2010: How will citizens win this election?

This blog post talks about the election and features a video on vote on power and useful websites to help you decide your vote. Read More »

Camden’s Website Redesign Project User Research

For the past few months on this project, we have been going through several user research sessions using different approaches. From focus groups to individual user testing’s in the users home. Read More »

Better Connected 2010 looking into Local Councils Social Media Activities

I managed to catch up with Helen Williams who is a Socitm Insight Associate as well as a Better Connected Report Reviewer and ask her thoughts on social media in local government. It was certainly interesting to learn that the Better Connected report will also be reporting on local government social media usage in next year's report! This is really exciting news for local government from my point of view because as its important to see how we can better local government services online, isn't it just as important to have a proper and ongoing evaluations on emerging trends and technologies that have an impact on our communities? Read More »