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Public Sector Forums Web 2.0 Event in Manchester

To introduce this post, have a look at this video about Web 2.0 – Transforming government. Web 2.0 So today I’m here in Manchester to attend the PSFBuzz Web 2.0 event. This event features many topics and speakers that I’m looking forward to hear from. The list of speakers and topics are as follows: Chairperson – Dave Briggs (Coolio! – ... Read More »

After 85 posts & 5 months blogging: Here’s my top 10 posts

Since my Top 5 post back in January was a hit, I'd thought I'd do a Top 10 post to update everyone with those interesting posts you might have missed. Some of them quite surprised me but that's what google analytics is telling me, who am I to argue with Google? ;p Its been a great 5 months so far and I'm hoping it will only get better. So much has happened since I started blogging, mostly exciting stuff and I encourage anybody who's got tons of experience and knowledge to start blogging! You don't know what you're missing!!! Read More »

Generation Firewall: Local authorities resistance to social media in the workplace

In my research, I talk to local authorities, asking them what are their main hurdles in engagement with citizens online. And one of the most common answer I get from young local council staff is the resistance of local authorities to adapt to the new ways of connecting with citizens through social media. And this is what Don Tapscott calls ... Read More »

Democracy 2.0: Seven Guidelines for Government Leaders

I have a few books on my shelf now regarding web 2.0, social media and social government. I found Don Tapscott’s  Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World (released 1 October 2008) view on the direction of government online particularly interesting. I highly recommend reading this book. You could get it the book on Amazon for ... Read More »

Interesting articles on Gov. Twitter

Emergency 2.0: Twitter helps public services speed up ahead the government in crisis situations Lesson learnt from Twitter Read More »

List and status of UK Local Council Twitters

Reasons for conducting this observation 1. To create better practices when using twitter for local gov. 2. To create a ring of network between local councils to share information and solutions for improvement. 3. To understand how and why we choose a certain methods and not others. 4. To allow other councils to learn from each other and add on to the list if they wish to be apart of this ring. 5. To develop a standard of practice that we all can follow that is tested and proven. 6. To conduct a content analysis for my citizen engagement online research. 7. To demonstrate to colleagues and other relevant individuals of the potential or benefits of this approach to engage citizens, if any. Read More »