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How design can improve your Twitter engagement and give it a human face

We often experience Twitter tips overload, but not a lot of design tips… Here’s one for the list! There are so many twitter tips out there on what to do and how to do it, sometimes you get lost on the tiny details which can make a whole lot of difference on the way we engage and how we operate ... Read More »

Ideas for Facebook and Twitter

WARNING: This is strictly from a business strategy point of view and observation. Facebook article/blog post search and page There is one thing specifically on how I think Facebook can leverage on news, content/information or interesting articles online. And maybe also try to become the world’s most used search engine after Google and current second place, YouTube search engine. Facebook ... Read More »

Government agencies can now learn social media best practices from the Giants: Verizon Case Study – How to Avoid an Epic Failure! (Audio Podcast Available)

Verizon Communications Social Media Strategy. Read More »

Social Media for Medical Practitioners

This blog post lists down some examples of how medical practitioners can use social media. Check out the weblinks to see it in practice. Hopefully these examples will inspire people in government to use social media in more creative and effective ways. Read More »

E-Learning: Web 2.0 & Social Media examples and quotes for Health Informatics

This blog post highlights some of the useful and valuable social media and web 2.0 examples in e-learning for health informatics from around the world. Hope these examples will help inform the health community of interesting and effective e-learning practices out there. Read More »

NW Councils Twitter Client Data now available on Wiki!

This data was kindly collated by @inhumanbeing, Tony Roberts, a public health operative which also can be found here Its an interesting bit of information for those who are curious and want to improve things. Read More »

LGEO Research is Opening its Social Media Research Data

I've finally got around to doing what I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I'm opening up all the research data I have to local councils to own and update as often as you like. I know I am unable to update this data on my own any longer, especially with the increased uptake of social media by UK Local Councils. Read More »

Why do ‘You’ and ‘I’ Love Twitter?

Are you a twitter addict? Have you wondered why you get so wrapped up in twittering? Day and night then night and day? LOL Its like you couldn't see your life without it. I mean, do you remember when twitter when down not too long ago, although I don't twitter everyday, I did panic for a bit hoping it doesn't last for long as I felt I really needed to tweet! LOL And the funniest thing about it for me is.. I think I could not function my professional life without it. Even my research depends alot on the communication I 'give and receive' on twitter. Here is a couple of thoughts on why 'YOU' and 'I' might love twitter.. Read More »

ScotWeb2 09: Getting up close and personal with Stuart Harrison on Twitter and Jadu & James Coltham on usability and accessibility issues

ScotWeb2 was certainly a different experience from any other unconference I've been to. Usually an unconference would consist of a big group but this event was quite an intimate one, which I believe worked towards their advantage. This was the snipet about the event just in case you'd like to know what it was all about! Read More »

Our cheeky social media celebrity, @DominicCampbell is no. 5 on The Independent’s list for most influential blogger on Twitter!

Hey there, I thought this was such a proud moment for the twitterati's when one of our own has made in to the top 10 (no 5 to exact) of The Independent list on the most influential bloggers on Twitter with 3,327 followers... and of course after this.. counting... :) Read More »