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Web 2.0 & social media for patients

This blog post is sponsored by Semantix Ltd. Web 2.0 & social media for patients The first on the scene was the empowered patient. Patients are participating in online communities to share and discuss daily life struggles to coping with rare diseases. No. E-Channel Overview Weblink 11.11.1.   1. – (like for health) My Health Innovationallows people to submit ideas, ... Read More »

Cool Health Related Web 2.0 & Social Media Stuff by and for Patients

The first on the scene was the empowered patient. Patients are participating in online communities to share and discuss daily life struggles to coping with rare diseases. Here I've compiled a list of inspirational web 2.0 and social media stuff by patients for patients Read More »

How formal e-learning can be improved within the National Health Service (NHS) trust

This blog post highlights the challenges faced by all these stakeholders and hopefully better inform e-learning practices for medical students within the NHS trust. Read More »

E-Learning: Web 2.0 & Social Media examples and quotes for Health Informatics

This blog post highlights some of the useful and valuable social media and web 2.0 examples in e-learning for health informatics from around the world. Hope these examples will help inform the health community of interesting and effective e-learning practices out there. Read More »

How can government leverage Web 2.0?

A video created for a presentation to the ACT Minister's Department, Australia as a means of communicating some of the "life reflecting art reflecting life" aspects of Web 2.0 and modern culture. Video clips are used for education purposes only and used under Fair Use Legislation. No challenge to the trademarks, copyright or intellectual property of the creators is intended. Read More »

Talk to Me!: PSFBuzz Web 2.0 Awards. Unofficial Nominations are now open!!!

Wow this must be the equivalent of the Oscars or Grammy's in our circle! How exciting... I bet alot of you are still unaware of this at the moment. So to catch you up to speed, let have a closer look into what its all about. Read More »

ScotWeb2 09: Getting up close and personal with Stuart Harrison on Twitter and Jadu & James Coltham on usability and accessibility issues

ScotWeb2 was certainly a different experience from any other unconference I've been to. Usually an unconference would consist of a big group but this event was quite an intimate one, which I believe worked towards their advantage. This was the snipet about the event just in case you'd like to know what it was all about! Read More »

Newest Researcher on the block… Sarah Lay

Researchers are sometimes quite hard to come by. They're usually locked up in the library or room somewhere reading endless amounts of books and articles and once in a while pops out to do some field research. However when one does come by and shares their knowledge, so much can be learned and shared with its communities of practice. With that said, its such a pleasure for me to introduce the newest member of the research community in local government specialising in social media. Some of you might already know her, she works at Derbyshire County Council and her name is Sarah Lay. Her twitter handle is @sarahlay and her website can be found here Thought Store . Read More »

So… PSFBuzz was a success! What was it all about again?

*To get spreadsheet of #psfbuzz, click here. So, its been a few days now since I attended the PSFBuzz Web 2.0 event in Manchester.The presenters covered a lot of topics relating to social media and web 2.0 strategies for local authorities.And it seems that from the feedback gathered from the floor and feedback forms, the event was indeed a success.This ... Read More »

Video: Liz meets Stephen Dale at Layden House, London

About a week ago I met up with Stephen Dale at Layden House in London. It was such an honour to finally get to meet Steve after months of admiring his work in local government.  Steve has published a couple of articles which you can find below. We had a lovely and insightful chat about the role and challenges of ... Read More »