Talk to Me!: PSFBuzz Web 2.0 Awards. Unofficial Nominations are now open!!!

Wow this must be the equivalent of the Oscars or Grammy’s in our circles! How exciting… I bet alot of you are still unaware of this at the moment. So to catch you up to speed, let have a closer look into what its all about.

According to the information provided here, the awards ceremony will take place in December 2009. How exciting! I can’t wait, I already have a list of people I want to nominate… though I believe it will be one long list of people!! How will I ever decide?

So, you must be itching to find out what the categories are… so drumroll please! Hihi 😉

  1. Best Blogger
  2. Best Mash Up/Hack
  3. Best Use of YouTube
  4. Best Use of Twitter
  5. Best Use of Facebook
  6. Best Website
  7. Best Digital Team
  8. Best Online Community
  9. Best Mobile App
  10. Best PR/Marcomms Campaign (Internal/External)
  11. PSFBuzzer of the Year

The panel of judges for the PSFBuzz Awards will be led by none other than LocalGovCamp’s Dave Briggs. At the event there will be short presentations from each of the finalists, plus ‘People’s Choice’ awards as voted for by the government web community at large.

LGEO Research will publicize your nomination!

So are you excited yet?? Well hang on, we haven’t even started yet! So let’s get the party started by opening LGEO Research’s doors to all who wish to plead your case, blow your own horn or whatever you may call it! If you feel you should win a category and want to drum up a bit of publicity, get in touch with me and we shall do a special feature on you and why you should win the award! Don’t be shy to tell everybody what you’ve accomplished!!! You should be darn proud of it so why not shout it from the rooftops! (The rooftops here being the LGEO Research Blog LOL!)

Unofficial nominations are now open in comments section

Let’s have a bit of fun and start nominating unofficially to see what comes up! And I’ll probably call upon the most frequent nominations for the first few features! That way you can say I called you and not the other way around 😉

I can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

Email me at or twitter me at @Liz_Azyan. I’m waiting for your call!

Liz xxx

PS: Miss all the PSF guys  – Ian, Nick & Frances – Hope all of you are well. Had good fun in Manchester. I want another banquet… LOL! ;-P

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