Talking about BuyWays and Procurement Practices at DCSF with Julie Hull

Julie Hull DCSF

This interview features Julie Hull, the Head of Professional Development in Commercial Group at Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). In this interview she talks to me about DCSF latest adventure in implementing BuyWays with Learning Pool as a guide to helping schools with their procurement issues and operations.

Highlights covered in this interview

  • DCSF’s hopes and ambition with BuyWays.
  • Who has access to BuyWays in schools?
  • Why DCSF chose BuyWays?
  • How can BuyWays help schools with procurement issues?
  • How does BuyWays solve the basic procurement issues for schools?
  • How does sharing this information with local authorities help streamline procurement processes?
  • What are the underlining principles of BuyWays?
  • What are the bureaucratic issues in procurement?
  • What are the best practices in procurement?
  • How can BuyWays save money and cut the hassle in procurement at DCSF?
  • Improving procurement deliveries in schools.
  • BuyWays similarity to Passport to Procurement for local authorities from Learning Pool
  • Don’t pay anymore money and don’t reinvent the wheel!

To find out the answers to all these questions, make sure you listen to the podcast!

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