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“Liz was a breath of fresh air on our website redevelopment project. She is tenacious and brings a serious level of expertise to her work. She was really effective at bringing public and private sector experience to bear and has a natural effusiveness and creativity in her approach. She was a pleasure to have on the team and I would employ her again without hesitation.”

– Rachel HollowayOrganisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

“An amazing person, Liz captures you with so much intellect and fun combined at the same time.

It is impossible not to like her but far more importantly, her knowledge on all things related to communications, engagement, social media and online life is actually beyond anyone I have ever met.

I cannot suggest her over anyone else in her field as, seriously, she is the #1 expert.

Her mind reaches into new and very creative ideas all the time and I always admire what she comes up with next.

Truth, Liz is one to watch in the coming years about how we can all improve our businesses with a different approach – I will always watch her and listen to what she has to say out of complete respect.

– David GrindlayTeam Leader & New Media, Falkirk Council

“It is always a pleasure to work with Liz. She has terrific interpersonal skills that complement her contagious positive personality. And she also leads by example with an exceptional work ethic.”

— John Laurent, Vice President, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

“Liz worked with me at Mydex and proved herself a highly effective communicator within the business, across different sectors outside the business and using a multitude of tools and talents. She always has time to go the extra mile, loves to understand the issues and explore possible solutions and focuses on delivering outcomes.”

— Alex Stobart, Business Development, Mydex CIC

“I had the pleasure of working with Liz at Mydex and would welcome any opportunity to work with her again. Liz was able to demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill in the Digital Marketing that I have not come across before and was an undeniable asset to the company.”

— David Brewer, Business Development, Mydex CIC

“Liz is fantastic. She has a wide and deep knowledge of how to engage with the market, what is the most effective approach, and how to communicate this to colleagues internally. Always proactive, Liz has sparked enthusiasm and innovation with me, the team, and the market. Always there with a new and positive view, I have found Liz to be an invaluable member of the team.”

— Roger Massey, Business Development, Mydex CIC

“Liz has a fantastic knowledge of up-to-date marketing communications techniques and has particular skills in the exploitation of social media and other web-technologies. She is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

— Tim Hill, Consultant, Mydex CIC

“Liz contributed enormously to the development, launch and post-launch of the new Camden website. She has a constant flow of good ideas, is always ready to explore new ways of doing things and is a very quick learner. Liz has excellent communication skills, is very articulate and works well in teams.”

— Martin Black, Web Manager, London Borough of Camden

“Working with Liz is always an enjoyable experience. She is an expert in social media and has augmented that skill with in depth knowledge of web usability. She has a rare ability to convey complex ideas in a way that others can understand and communicate with people at all levels of an organisation as well as customers. She applies the same level of diligence to delivering routine tasks as she does to find innovative and good value solutions to complex problems.”

— Alasdair Mangham, was Liz’s client

“I recently organised a Local Directgov Really Useful Day on social media. Liz headed the project group, helping to come up with the structure and content of the day, and also acted as the event facilitator. The dual role gave me a chance to see her expert knowledge of social media, her creativity in overcoming problems and her amazing ability to bring together people from all over the country to help with the event. Liz also has a bubbly, enthusiastic personality, which made her an excellent and popular facilitator. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Liz.”

— Abby RudlandEvents Manager, Department for Communities and Local Government

“Liz has been an inspiration for several years. Hard working, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. An expert in her field but keen to share her knowledge. It’s impossible to be around Liz and not pick up on her zest for what she does. It was a real honour to work with her and see her in action at the DCLG’s Really Useful Day which Liz helped plan and facilitate.”

— Dan Slee, Senior Press and Publicity Officer, Walsall Council

“Liz is absolutely brilliant. She has enormous energy and passion and is totally committed to any project she is working on. She is a highly skilled expert in use of social media in the public sector and she brought a real buzz to the Really Useful event she delivered for us and made it a great success. I trust her judgement completely. Anyone who has Liz working for them is really fortunate.”

— Sheenagh Reynolds, was Liz’s client

“Liz is a fabulous organiser. Her skills in people and time management are tremendous, and the attention to detail she delivers are what make her events really successful, both for participants and presenters. The key to her success is planning- careful negotiation and a step-by-step approach to the logistics, humanitarian and technical requirements are at the forefront at all times. It is this methodology applied at all times that enables Liz to deliver the highest quality work. She is a pleasure to work with, giving precise and clear instructions throughout every project. Highly recommended- if you are looking for a top-knotch comms specialist, Liz is the one team member you simply cannot do without.”

— Paul Hadley, Consulting Media and Communications Specialist, Event With Me

“I have worked with Liz in various collaborative initiatives over the last couple of years and found her to be extremely effective, efficient, knowlegeable and, importantly,has a great rapport with people and understands their requirements very quickly.”

— Adrian Hancock, Managing Director, Socitm (Society of IT Management)

“I have worked alongside Liz in preparation for the Open Gov Summit in London. It was a pleasure to work with her. Liz is extremely hardworking, very creative and always very motivated and didn’t leave any corner stone un-turned when promoting and marketing this event! She is a very dedicated and professional individual, and the great outcome of the event would not have been achieved without her. I look forward to working with her again.”

— Katrina Benna, Accounts Manager UK Nordics & South Africa, eXo Platform

“Liz organized the UK’s first Open Gov Summit, a unique event aimed at raising awareness for how open source can be more broadly used to benefit government. I was amazed to learn that this was her first event because she excelled on the most important task – putting together an appealing agenda of interesting, high-profile speakers and panelists. LIz used her strong social media skills smartly to find ways to multiply the reach and impact of the speaker content and also automate the logistics. The delegates, speakers and even some of the more demanding journalists all gave the event very high marks. I look forward to next year’s event!”

— Sarah Lafferty, Co-founder and director, Round Earth Consulting Ltd

“I first met Liz when Zaizi signed up as an Ephesoft Platinum Partner and she immediately impressed me with her enthusiasm, hard work and knowledge. She has massive experience and expertise in marketing and social media and was most recently instrumental in setting up, marketing and running the very successful Open Gov Summit in London. I am delighted to recommend Liz.”

— Ian Pope, Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Europe, Middle East & Africa, Ephesoft, Inc.

“Liz created, from a standing start, an extremely impressive Open Source summit. With extraordinarily tenacious organising skills she convened great panellists, delegates and attendees. A superb demonstration of her personal skills in making things happen. Highly recommended.”

— Paul Clarke, Photographer, Paul Clarke Photography (a trading style of Honestlyreal Ltd)

“Liz is a great Marketing and communication expert, she has the professionalism and the great energy that makes her a great collaborator.”

— Kawther ADHOUM, Sales & Marketing Operations Specialist, eXo Platform

“Liz is a total pleasure to work with. Never afraid to ask advice, completely to the point, always fair and great fun to boot. She’s also a genuine enthusiast for everything she does. Really looking forward to working with her again.”

— Jez Kay, Owner, NowHouse

“Liz is an individual who is genuinely passionate about the role social media, and other digital channels – including the web, can play in local government service delivery, and has a wealth of experience, both theoretical – it being the basis of her Phd thesis – and practical, having worked with the council of Camden in a web redesign project, where the focus was on realising the web as a genuine customer service channel, and not simply a brochure site.”

— Paul Irvine, CRM Consultant, Hampshire County Council

“I don’t know anyone who has worked with Liz and not been impressed by her charm, wit and most of all commitment to – and deep insight into – the use of social media in local government; as indeed was I.”

— Andy Mabbett, Corporate Web Manager, Birmingham City Council

“Liz’s approach to local government research is inspirational and her LGEO Research blog is an invaluable resource for everyone working in the sector. Her insight and enthusiasm is having a huge impact on local authorities and their engagement with social media. Liz has my highest recommendation.”

— Denise Drake, Web and Social Networks Manager, Tower Hamlets Summer University (THSU)

“Liz was one of the first people I came across when I started dabbling in using social media for engagement. Without a doubt my dabbling has been more successful because of her research and enthusiasm in communicating her findings. That Liz has added a lot of value to social media in local government in a very short time is a testament to her depth of understanding and ability to seek out and adapt knowledge in her chosen field. Her blog regularly highlights innovative and useful research, both her own and others, and she has become an invaluable part of the local government web community – perhaps in part because of her extraordinary networking skills – I have no doubt she would add value to any role she undertakes.”

— James Cousins, was Liz’s client

“Liz’s local government research has proved extremely valuable and gives a great insight into current ways of using the web and what is seen as Web 2.0 features within local authorities in the UK.”

— Matt Johnson, Web Services Manager, Sandwell MBC

“The excellent work that Liz has conducted and social media insight that she has achieved within local government transcends local government and into the entire public and private sector. Sir Tim Berner Lees who is spearheading the opening-up of government data would, in my opinion, be well advised to employ the UK’s freshest Guru on Social Media. It is not just about social media, its the innovative application of social media by Liz that will make the difference. The Devil is in the detail. I would recommend CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, Heads of IT to contact Liz as soon as possible to utilise her services to spearhead the UK as the leading adopter of Social Media to unleash its power and its many advantages for organisations.”

— Mubbisher Ahmed, was Liz’s client

“Liz is one of those unique individuals who intuitively understands where the main conversations are happening across gov and local gov and can instantly connect with the topic, and more importantly, facilitate the connections between conversationalists. From relative obscurity, within 12 months she has truly leveraged the power of Web 2.0 and social networks to become one of the leading characters and experts in digital engagement in the UK.”

— Stephen Dale, Director, Semantix UK Ltd

“Liz helped me to build my confidence on Twitter and to become one of the most influencial Twitterers in local government. She gave me useful advice and encouragement. I followed her Tweets because of their wit, intelligence and information. Liz has also played a key role in boosting the social media footprint of local government. She helped set up a Twitter account for councillors, encouraging them to lose their inhibitions and launching them on new adventures.”

— Edward Welsh, Programme Director, Media and Campaigns, Local Government Association

“Liz is a complete inspiration in the field of local government engagement research and social media research. She is a very engaging speaker, extremely knowledgeable and a great thought provoker. She has helped me and many others to connect and use web 2.0 tools within local government in the UK. She is likable, friendly and passionate about her work. Highly recommended!”

— Yvette Bordley, Senior Marketing Officer, Brighton & Hove City Council

“Liz is showing how you can combine the role of research and social reporter – sound analysis that is also accessible within and outside the field. That’s showing how social media can really make a difference.”

— David Wilcox, socialreporter, socialreporter.com

“Liz has pursued her research with energy, persistence and a welcome openness that set her apart from the crowd. She has not shied away from the detail and has been diligent in tracking down all the information she’s required. The interface between local government and social media has been made clearer by her work. Thank you Liz.”

— Shane McCracken, Director, Gallomanor Communications Ltd.

“Liz’s work with LGEO Research has been invaluable for everyone working at the front line of online communications and social media in local government. Her research has done so much to publicise the role of social media in government, and the exhaustive nature of the research shows she is a dedicated, passionate and hard working individual. She is extremely easy to get on with and communicates her ideas and findings in a simple, non-technical manner. She would be an asset to any team she joins.”

— Stuart Harrison, Webmaster, Lichfield District Council

“Liz is friendly, hardworking and enthusiastic, her research work is extensive and her writing style is refreshing drawing a large audience. She has been exceptional in bringing together local government webby people, A true advocate of social web technologies and i would most certainly recommend her.”

— Fiona Legge, Principal Web Development Officer, Cheltenham Borough Council

“Liz is an excellent researcher, her knowledge of what local authorities are doing, and planning, with social media is second to none. Her research in this field has been extremely useful for my work as web manager at the London Borough of Camden and I know she is appreciated by many of my colleagues working at other councils.”

— Martin Black, Web Manager, London Borough of Camden

“Only recently, many councils were looking at new ways of engaging people but unconvinced by social technologies given the lack of evidence of their impact. Liz pioneered research into the use of social media, ringing together evidence from the frontline and other sectors, giving the platform for a solid business case for councils to use in their authority.”

— Noel Hatch FRSA, Project and Research Lead, Government

“Liz has helped Learning Pool this year by creating some collateral around our events and conducting fairly informal customer video interviews for us. She has been able to very quickly grasp exactly what we as a company do and has asked those she has interviewed very relevant and exactly on message questions. Liz has managed to video our (often nervous!) customers in a way that has put them at their ease immediately and has got the most out of her conversations with them. Liz is remarkably well-known and well-connected in the UK public sector space and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to improve and expand their profile. We have enjoyed working with her immensely.”

— Mary McKenna, was Liz’s client

“Liz has devoted much time and effort to LGEO Research and this has been a valuable resource for me (and others) in the last year. My research and understanding of new media being used by local government has been helped by her work at LGEO. She is friendly and most importantly, passionate and focused about her work always.”

— Tanya Ahmed, Web Developer & User Experience Professional, Altered Eye

“Liz’s insightful work on social media at LGEO is invaluable to us as a Local Government Communications department. Her work has provided us with a rich repository of research based materials and I would fully recommend her for any position within the field.”

— Lee Jorgensen, Senior Multimedia Communcations Officer, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

“I have seen Liz’s work documenting many a public sector event and she’s without peer in behing thorough and methodical. She really knows her stuff and is well liked – as she deserves to be.”

— Paul Canning, Web Development Ofiicer, Cambridge City Council

“Liz has done some amazing work at an important time in the development of the social web in local government. She had the vision to be at the right time, right place and the right content to provide some answers to some critical questions about the development of social networking in local government in England. Because of this, I suggested that she be included in an important reference group for a critical project for the IDeA. Her blog has been a really important source of examples and insight to me in my work in trying to identify and promote good practice in this important field. Liz is an excellent networker and helpful collaborator and has been a valuable member of an informal network of innovators and learners on the use of web2.0 technology and approaches in locally provided public services.”

— Ingrid Koehler, Improvement Strategist, Improvement and Development Agency

“I think that the quality and number of the testimonials which have preceded me speak volumes for Liz’s capabilities as a researcher, orator, facilitator, instigator and writer on all things connected to social media and speaks volumes for her knowledge, understanding and commitment to her subject. Furthermore she is a really great person to know and talk with, a real live wire. I have no hesitation in recommending Liz!”

— Simon Smith, Business Development, Goss Interactive

“Liz has worked tirelessly to create a fantastic information resource about local government usage of social media and web 2.0 for citizen engagement. Liz truly practises what she preaches and has great enthusiasm for the subject. I’m sure could cadjole any organisation into making effective use of social media! She is a key networker in the field and advocate of social web technologies. Liz offered some sound advice to me when I started by MSc research project and persuaded me to start blogging, which has been immensly helpful for my studies.”

— Michele Ide-Smith, Web Development Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

“Liz is an innovative, forward-thinking researcher and commentator. She has a great ability to quickly understand complex situations and their importance and relevance to other issues. Her work at LGEO Research has significantly advanced the body of knowledge around the use of web 2.0 tools within local government in the UK. Her website is a widely respected as a source of information on this topic and is often quoted on the topic.”

— Simon Wakeman, Head of Marketing, Medway Council

“Liz quickly made LGEO the hub of local government social media research. Her insights, views and her comments provide excellent guidance and challenge for anyone who wants to progress social media in their organisation. Liz is an excellent networker, facilitator and social reporter and these skills are an asset to her and to any company who employs her.”

— Carl Haggerty, Enterprise Architect, Devon County Council

“The research Liz has made available through LGEO research has helped me promote the use of social media as an engagement tool for Solihull Council to a great extent. I have always been impressed by the high quality, and consistency in her reports and articles, and with such a high degree of relevance to local authorities, it has made my job so much easier.”

— Alan Colson, Data Centre Manager, Solihull MBC

“Liz is bright and enthusiastic and of course highly knowledgeable about her subject area. She as done some excellent work in understanding and promoting the use of digital tools including social networks and new media within the Local Government community. We need more people like Liz in this space.”

— Steven Feldman, Principal, KnowWhere Consulting Ltd

“Liz’s name crops up so many times in the course of my research into social media in local government, and she has been instrumental in fuelling the collaborative culture that we so desperately need in this field. Her research is an invaluable resource and her natural ability to network with key individuals across organisations makes her the ideal facilitator.”

— James Coltham, Web Services and Content Manager (Children and Families department), City of Edinburgh Council

“Liz is a wonderful researcher, writer, and facilitator. She has made LGEO Research into an unparalled resource for all of us working to improve public services via social media. Her extensive research and connections across the public sector allow her to create and share remarkable insights and case studies. She is an amazing communicator, able to analyse, produce feedback and publish in the midst of any event. Her enthusiasm for her work is spreads through all of us who work with her.”

— Hadley Beeman, Consultant, London Deanery (NHS London & University of London)

“Enthusiastic and genuinely passionate about her area of research Liz has provided an invaluable service to the sector in collating information on social media in local government and providing a central space in which to share this knowledge. Liz is also an excellent social reporter and has provided comprehensive coverage of many relevant events in the UK and abroad. She has a feel for capturing the moment through a range of media and her curiosity and academic experience are well suited to this role. As well as the LGEO Reserach work for the sector Liz has been a personal inspiration and great help to me in my own post-graduate studies in the field.”

— Sarah Lay, Online Communications Officer (eContent non-technical), Derbyshire County Council

“Liz has produced invaluable research into social media in local government. Her insights and case studies illustrate best practice in a constantly changing, emerging area. Liz is an excellent networker and has formed relationships with key people at organisations around the world, drawing on their experience and insight for her research. Her ability to get people to share what they are working on and to speak openly about the challenges faced in the public sector is due to her enthusiasm and understanding.”

— Alastair Smith, Communication Adviser – Web 2.0, Newcastle City Council


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