UK Politics Internships

I’ve recently been asked by a fellow undergraduate at my university on where to look for Politics Internships. I’d say first of all, this list might be a good start. If that fails, have a look at these websites.
  1. Hansard Scholar Programme
  2. Have a look at under unpaid/voluntary vacancies
  3. Global Internships, LLC
  4. Global Experiences Internships

If anyone else has any other suggestion, please feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment.

Hope this helps!

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  1. alex


    What is so tragic about human behaviour, and it must be something tribal and deeply wired, is that the list of politics job opportunities you provide is also available at 700 other higher and further education institutions across the UK. City of London’s list is good, but it is duplicated many times.

    Is this crazy ? How much paper, time and effort to repeat the same information ; would it not be better spent doing something else.

    Just a thought


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